Thursday, 27 February 2014

Pupil of the day: Dighace

Dighace is our lovely young lady all the way from the Congo. She comes from a large family...7 altogether! They live in a big house together with her grandparents and aunty.I bet there is never a dull moment in your house Dighace!

She and her sister share a room with a bunk bed. They all love to play with their dad. She showed us a delightful photo of them clambering all over him! 

Both her parents are doctors, Dighace showed us photos of them in the operating theater. Her oldest brother is ten. Her 2 year old sister she says, is very naughty and her 8 month old sister likes to be carried and suck her dummy!                                                         

 Her other sister likes to draw. Dighace says that she enjoys colouring in and playing the piano, and even has one of her own. Her dad bought if for her and it is very expensive! Dighace likes to rollerskate and has a pretty pink pair of roller-skates. 

She brought her cheerleader pom pom to show us. You will make a pretty cheerleader one day Dighace.

Everyone was fascinated by the huge Hello Kitty clock that she brought along. Dighace uses it to wake her in the morning. The class would not rest until she had made it ring!

Her favourite food is ice cream, which her aunty dropped off at the end of the day, just before home time. It was the perfect way to end a hot day at school.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Stars of the week.

My class are really settling into the routine of grade 2 and are producing wonderful work.

Jaden and Damon, both scored full marks for their weekly spelling and maths test. Blake also did well by scoring full marks for the maths test. Keep it up boys!

Elijah, Neha and Kwandile were the whizzes with placing speech marks in the correct places when writing Poggy Frog sentences.

Last but not least... Jasmita! She has made a huge effort in improving the neatness of her homework spelling and sentences. She was over the moon to get this award today, she beamed from ear to ear! keep it up now Jasmita!

Jaden, our golfing pupil of the week.

Jaden, our golfing star arrived at school with a beautifully decorated packet, ready to tell us all about his favourite things.

Obviously the first thing that we got to see was a golf ball! It had the number 3 on it which, he says, is his lucky number. When I asked him why, he says that he always plays much better when he has a 3 on his golf ball! He even brought a newspaper clipping of himself, mentioning that he may one day rival Tiger Woods..just imagine!

Jaden and his dad went to Ferrari world in Abu Dhabi, where they had their photo takein in one. He loves fast cars and said that his favourite XBox game called Paradise City is all about cars. Keep playing golf the way you are Jaden, you may be able to buy two Ferrari' for you and one for your dad!

Jaden enjoyed showing us the Lego car that he had built.

The class were delighted when they were treated to Jadens favourite TV snack a packet of Frito chips!

Thank you Jaden for your effort.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Speech marks with Poggy Frog!

As it is National Frog Awareness week, Gill and I chose the story "Poggy Frog and the Cows" as our class reader for the week.

We wanted to focus on speech marks  as we have been pointing them out in all our previous books. We prepared what we thought was a 'wow' introduction to using speech marks. However, things didn't work out like we had hoped!

Gill and I blew up balloons with text inside in an attempt to represent a speech bubble, once it popped we used the pieces as the speech marks on either side of the sentence. Our classes absolutely loved this introduction and responded so positively! We were sure that they all understood the concept.........but as we were find out this was not so!! 

A few understood, but we realise that it is something that we are going to have to continue practising!

I have included some of the work we did, the children chose a picture of Poggy Frog, traced him and then had to make up a sentence that Poggy said, using gummed paper to place the speech marks.

More examples are on display in the classroom if you would like to pop and see them.

Jenna, Tuesdays pupil of the day

Jenna came well prepared to do her oral today. She had a huge packet of full of things to show us! She started by showing us some beautiful pictures of her family. They were taken on a family photo shoot, her first, said Jenna! She told us that her Dad owns a company and that her mom works for him.  

Her mom says that Jenna has a beautiful smile, you can see how beautiful it is in this family picture!

They like to go on holiday and like many others in my class Jenna and her family have had wonderful holidays overseas. 

Last year she went to Australia, there she saw a koala bear and was able to touch a kangaroo, which licked her hand! She brought a toy Koala and a bag that she got on her travels.

In Hong Kong they went to the fantasy forest. Jenna brought a map and loved telling us all about the things she did there. Her best, was when she saw Buzz Lightyear with her dad.

Because she is allergic to hamsters, her mom bought her a ZuZu toy, that looks just like a hamster, except that it is pink! If you press its nose it makes a noise. It definitely is an easier pet to look after Jenna. It also moves around.

Jenna and her mom did same baking yesterday because she wanted to bring her favourite 'snowballs' to school to share with her friends. They were delicious!

 I know you couldn't wait to have your turn to do your oral Jenna. Well done we enjoyed listening to you.

Monday, 24 February 2014

Blake starts the new week as our pupil of the day.

A blurred version of the
dance to give you an idea!
When Blake arrived at school with his hat on I just knew that there would be significant reason for it! We were soon to find out. He greeted us all and told us that he got his hat last year, but he really wanted to show us what he could do with it. He cleared the desks, because he "needed space"! He then proceeded to do a cabaret/Russian dance, while he topped his hat. Everyone loved it and gave him a round of applause!

We were all amazed when he showed us a picture of his Christmas present.. a quad bike! What a lucky boy he is.

I was most impressed with Blake when he told us all about one of his favourite DVDs, Jonah and the Whale. He was so clearly and eloquently able to tell us all about the story that he got another spontaneous round of applause from the class!

We had all seen rabbit ears sticking out of his packet, he pulled out a bunny rabbit that he had coloured in in Grade R. He was proud of it mainly because it was one of the biggest things he had ever coloured and he loved the colours that he had used!

Because he likes sharing, Blake brought us all a yo-yo, a marble and some biscuits that he had baked with his mom. With the recipe included, in case we liked them and wanted to make some more!

Well done Blake we enjoyed hearing everything you had to say!

Kamira..Fridays pupil of the day.

Kamira was a bit nervous to start with, but once she relaxed she told us all about herself and her family in her normal enthusiastic and happy manner. She had so much to tell! 

Kamiras' granny is in India for a wedding at the moment and she really misses her. She showed us a special photo of her gran holding her as a baby. 
Showing us the places she
has visited

Kimira and her family have been on some fantastic holidays, both locally and overseas. She has been to Sun City, the Drakensburg, Hong Kong and Phuket.

She enjoyed horse riding in the drakensburg as well as the ice-cream eating contest that she had there, which was so much fun!

They went to Phuket for her moms birthday, Kamira said that Fantasy Island was great. Universal studio's in Hong Kong sound like a great place to visit.  You really are such a lucky girl to have been to so many exciting places.
Playing her harmonica
Everyone was so happy when it was time to share her favourite food...chocolate eclairs.  Kamira brought enough for both classes, which was very kind of her!

We enjoyed listening to your oral Kamira. Well done.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Our Liverpool supporter - Josh.

Josh was brightly dressed in his civvies today because he is our pupil of the day! He arrived and greeted me with his normal happy and cheerful disposition, ready to share his information.

He started out by showing us a picture of himself as a baby. He said that he was in such a hurry to get of his mums tummy that he broke his arm!

As a tiny baby with his dad!
Josh says Liverpool is his favourite soccer team and he has a lot of memorabilia to prove it. He showed us one of his favourite shirts as well as picture of himself as a tiny baby all dressed in his outfit! 

Josh is also a keen soccer player and plays in the mid field for his team at Virginia Soccer club. He says he hopes that he will be able to play for Liverpool one day!

We were all treated to Ferrero Rocher chocolates because they are Joshs' favourite sweets. he brought enough to share with Mrs Rayners class, but we all decided that it would be a good idea to have two each instead!

His mom and dad gave him the biblical name Joshua, because he is strong and courageous. He is one of the new boys at our school and has fitted in so well, he already has lots of new friends. So I would say your mom and dad are right Josh!

Pupil of the day...Natalie.

Natalie couldn't wait to tell us all about herself and her family. She was armed with two huge, beautifully decorated packets containing all her items.

She started by showing us a beautiful picture of her family. She has a brother and a sister that both come to Eden. Her brother Nathan in 11 and likes to play the drums and her sister Tanya like animals. Her mum works for Eskom and her Dad owns a cold storage facility. She brought some Popsicles from her dads work, they were perfect for the hot, hot day we were having.

Natalie and her family went on a holiday to Hong Kong which she loved. There she had the opportunity to be 'princess for the day'. She was dressed up, had make up put on her and then had her very own photo shoot. All the photos were put into a book which she brought to show us...she looked just like a real princess.

Rollerskating is one of the things that Natalie likes to do. Popcorn is her favourite snacks, she brought some for all of us, it was delicious!

Thank you for being so well prepared and telling us so much about yourself Natalie.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Stars of the week

I am so proud of these children who earned certificates this week. Shaylins' homework is immaculately done every night, if you page through his book, every page is beautiful. Kwandile is such a happy positive member of the class, he is an asset to my class. Natalie has such a positive approach to school and always tries her best. Neha has improved so much in her weekly maths tests that she really deserves her certificate this week.Well done to all of you!

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Damon our 2nd pupil of the day.

There was much excitement today when Damon showed us his anti gravitational magnetic set, especially when he demonstrated a few of the tricks. It really looked like things were floating by magic! 

Damon was also very proud of his pocket knife that has all sorts of gadgets attached to it, it can open bottles, be used as pliers or a screwdriver. But best of all it it can be attached to your belt so that it will always be on hand. 

He also showed us a cute, 
teeny weeny dog that could talk when you pressed its tummy. Damon says he just loves his granny because she always spoils him with sweets and toys so he showed us a picture of her holding him as a baby. 


 Thank you for being so enthusiastic Damon. We could see that you really enjoyed showing us your favourite things.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Ria is our first pupil of the day.

Ria is our first pupil of the day. She came to school very well prepared and confidently told us 5 interesting things  about herself and her family. 

She brought a picture of her naughty cat called Snowy, it is her responsibility to feed him every day. She told us all about her family holiday to Dubai, which sounded fantastic. They went on a camel ride as well as to the top of the tallest building in Dubai. Ria said that she enjoyed the camel ride even though they were a bit stinky!
The T-shirt she got after visiting 
the tallest building.
 She enjoyed telling us about her cousins which we found very interesting and quite funny! She told us how Nelson Mandela was a very inspiring person for her and her family. 

I think the favourite part of her show and tell was when she told us how she and her mum enjoy baking, because we were each treated to the most delicious red velvet cup cakes!
Well done Ria!
Those delicious cup cakes were a hit with us all!