Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Fridays shopkeeper - Ariyana

It was Ariyana's turn to be shopkeeper. She had a lovely selection of goods and did a fantastic job. 

Pirate fun

Last Friday we had fun making pirates for the ship on display at the back of the classroom. 

We also made the portholes for our 'ship' with scary pirates peeping out!

All good pirates have to sign a Code of Conduct before boarding their ships. Each group of pirates formulated their own rules and they are displayed at the back of the classroom.
The privateers

The Buccaneers

The Pirates

The children are really enjoying our theme so far!

Shaarav tells us all all about his trip to Canada

Last term whilst we were on our round the World trip, we had a number guests telling us about their visits to various countries. Well during the holidays Shaarav and his family went to Canada to visit his cousins. He prepared a PowerPoint and shared some of the highlights of his trip with us. When we learnt about Canada we saw so many pictures of the heavy snow found there, the first thing that Shaarav told us was how warm it was - totally different from the winter weather!

We really enjoyed hearing about his trip, he even brought back a Canadian pencil back for us all. Thanks so much Shaarav.
With his Canadian family

I am glad to see the South African Flag

Even though it was warm there was still snow
 up high. Just out of reach.

On top of a cougar!


I cant believe that the third term has already begun, the year is certainly flying by. I am sure that you all know by know that our theme for the term is Pirates!

Last week we introduced our theme by telling the children about the different types of pirates - privateers, buccaneers and pirates. Megan and I divided our combined classes into three. Each pirate group had to come with a chant to introduce themselves. I have up loaded them for you to see.

We also took photos of each 'pirate' for a display in the classroom. Our door was the start - you can see the whole crew featured there. We had great fun choosing our pirate names!

Blood Rat Treegate

Mad Battle Plank

Dirty Jim Plank

Captain Battle

Dirty Bailey

Fearful Buckler

Mad John from the West

Bluddy Jack

Pirate Mean Anchor Bones

Jolly Greedy of the Coast

Fearful Shipshape

Stinky Maroon

Deadman Thomas of the Coast

Peg Leg Squiffy o' Fish

Battle Lookout

Captain Grub Chumbucket

Captain Kidd of the Coast