Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Stars of the week

Well done to the certificate winners this week, I am so proud of you all! Rhea, Caleb and Alka wrote lovely stories inspired by our Mice in the Kitchen book. Adrian is trying so hard to listen carefully and give of his best. Ebrahim was awarded his certificate for his outstanding oral all about his family. Kwando loves to read and as a result his spelling is also fantastic so he was awarded a certificate in recognition of this. 

Our very own Calendar girl!

Rhea's beautiful piece of art was chosen for this year's Santam calendar, we are so proud of her! There were thousands of entries sent in from all over the country and  her chameleon was chosen as Augusts picture. Well done Rhea, and well done to Mrs Maree for the inspiration.
Isn't it beaurtiful?

Friday, 22 February 2013

Purim celabratons

Zipho and Mikaheel  won an award.
Today we celebrated the happy Jewish festival of Purim, the theme of the dress up was prince and princesses. We started our day with a presentation by the Jewish children who told us the story of Purim. 

All the prep school children then paraded their outfits. They all looked so good. Mikhaeel and Zipho won the best dressed in grade 2.

beautiful princesses!


Beware of these princes!

Fun and games.

Jaden deciding what to buy.

The grade 6 children provided games and tasty treats for everyone to enjoy. After break the fun ended and school returned to'normal'!

Last but not least its....Ebrahim.!

Today it was Ebrahims turn to be pupil of the day. he just loved presenting his oral and was very well prepared. From his captivating introduction on PowerPoint to the finale...handing out of his cupcakes, he held his peers attention every step of the way! Ebrahim loves his birthdays and from the beautiful cakes that he had on each of his birthdays it is not surprising! He likes taking photos, and I think his dad does too, judging by the stunning photos that were part of his presentation. Curry, popcorn, spaghetti (spags!) and cakes are his favourite foods. He likes cycling and the first race that he did was the junior Argus. He cant wait for the day that he can drive his dads 4x4 so he can have fun just like he and his dad do!

Introducing Alka

On Thursday it was Alkas turn to tell us all about herself. She brought a big beautiful poster to help her. She thinks that one day she will be designer because she likes to design, draw and colour. She has two dogs, Lucy her one dog likes to swim in the pool but he is naughty because he pulls out the plants in the garden. Her mom makes delicious food for the family. She likes to have fun with her dad, he likes to push her in the pool and tickle her! One of her favourite foods is popcorn, which she brought to share with the was delicious!

Senthen, Wednesdays pupil of the day.

On Wednesday 20 February, Senthen was our pupil of the day. He was well prepared and told us so many interesting things about himself and his family! He, like all the boys in my class say that they like fast cars like the Bugati Veyron, as well as Pokamon cards. He even brought fancy waterproof, 3-D Redakai cards to show us! I wonder if he will be a famous chef one day because Senthen says that he enjoys making his own food..pizzas at Panaroti's and pancakes on Sunday morning! He was very brave because he jumped off the big swing at Moses Mabhida stadium - he even had the pictures to prove it!

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Introducing Damian

Damian enjoyed telling us all about his family. He says that he likes to go fishing with his dad and riding quad bikes. He brought his favourite toy, a truck and trailer to show us. Damian is a lovable little boy and he says that he likes playing with his friends and family the best.

Neeshal, Monday's pupil of the day.

Neshal is our jet setter. He and his family like to travel and have been to Phuket and Malaysia. Every year they go to India. He likes to play golf and goes for lessons. There are four in his family and he says that he also has four cousins that he likes to play with. Chocolate cake is one of his favourite foods, the class were happy about this because he brought some for everyone to taste!

Mice in the Kitchen - story writing

Last week we read the Mice in the Kitchen, a story about a family of mice that invade the "monsters" house whilst they are out. When the monsters arrive they try to chase the mice away, but in the end the monsters are chased away!

My children were given pictures to help them retell the story. I was so pleased with the results. I have posted some for you to see.

Mikhaeel writing his story.

Caleb used  illustrative text in his story.

Sonia wrote a lovely story.

Monday, 18 February 2013

Hello Rhea

Last Friday, Rhea was our pupil of the day. She brought a lovely big poster with pictures of her family. She also brought her hamsters to show us. She has two girls and a boy at the moment. But if I know anything about hamsters, that won't be for very long! She likes to go to beach,especially to the water park at Amamzimtoti with her mom. She says that Alfredo pasta, grapes and mangoes are some of her favourite foods. She also brought her i-pad along to show us even more pictures of her family.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Mikhaeel our pupil of the day.

We thoroughly enjoyed Mikhaeels oral yesterday. He was well prepared and told us many interesting things about his family. There are 4 in his family, his mom,dad and younger brother. His cousin and grandparents live with him as well...this makes a large happy family! He says that his cousin is like a sister to him and that he loves her to bits! Our class was delighted that one of his favourite foods is pizza, because he brought mini pizzas for everyone! He also likes Alfredo pasta and ice-cream. He likes to do rock climbing, cycling and horse back riding. He also likes to ride his bike near the Moses Mabhida stadium. He loves soccer and his favourite team in Liverpool and he says Messi his best player>

Valentines day

The school was awash with red and white yesterday as we celebrated Valentines day. 

I was spoilt with gifts and chocolate as well! Mikhaeel even brought chocolates for the whole class. Thanks so much!  Overall a happy day!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Hello Aruna.

Aruna wasn't feeling too well today but insisted that she came to school to present her oral to the class - that is dedication for you! 
At the moment there are 4 in her family, but soon....there will be 5! Her mom is expecting her third baby in April and Aruna can't wait to see if it will be a boy or a girl! Aruna brought us some toasted cheese sandwiches to taste as they are one of her favourite foods to eat. She says that eating popcorn and watching movies are one of her best things to do! She also likes going to the beach with her dad to fly her kite.

Stars of the week

Our smiling stars of the week are Angelo, Keshav and Mikhaeel. Both Angelo and Keshav confidently presented interesting orals all about themselves. I was so pleased with the effort Mikhaeel put into his sentence writing this week, he used the correct punctuation and tried hard to make them interesting.
Well done boys!

Nikhil is our pupil of the day.

Nikhil enjoyed telling us about his family today. There are 5 people and 3 dogs in his family! He and his two brothers each have a dog of their own. He likes to collect stickers, play Pokemon and DragonballZ. Nikhil is also a lover of pasta with cheese, he likes to have  bread and butter and drink tea. His favourite colour is a mixture of blue and purple. He is a lover of fast cars just like many of the other boys in our class!

Introducing Keshav

Keshav has a very large family that he confidently told us all about. His dad is a graphic designer so his family tree poster that he brought to show us was very professionally done. There are 5 in his family, they do not have any pets although he said that he would like a hamster one day. He loves soccer and says that Italy, Barcelona and Liverpool are his favourite teams. He  and his family like going to movies and playing board games. His favourite food is macaroni and cheese and he brought some for us to eat - it was delicious!

This is Angelo.

Angelo presented a very interesting oral all about himself and his family last week. Angelo is new to our school this year and relatively new to South Africa. He and his family come from England, so now instead of experiencing the snow he is feeling the heat!

Angelo loves to read and brought about eight of the books that he is busy with at the moment. He is a vegetarian and lists kiwi fruit, mango and all sorts of vegetables as his favourite foods - much to the horror of some of the other children in the class! 

Friday, 8 February 2013

Introducing Aariv

Aariv is another new boy to Eden this year. He and his brother joined us at the beginning of the year and have settled in well. There are four in Aariv's family, they like to go to movies and parks together as a family. Aariv told us that spaghetti, pizza, rice and salad are some of his favourite foods. He brought another of his favourite treats... Easter eggs, to share with us all. Aariv likes to swim, do karate and read.

Question time!

Over the past few weeks we have been reading the big books - "How Boring", "Bad Luck Duck" and "Shoo fly". In class we have looked at various aspects of the story and the language in the books. 

One of the areas that we have covered are questions, and the different words that we use when we ask a question.

Yesterday after reading Shoo Fly, my class were set the task of writing out three questions based on the story. 

I was so pleased with their efforts.

Our bright question word display.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Introducing Okuhle

Okuhle is another mac and cheese loving pupil in my class! It seems to be the favourite amongst the grade twos this year! There are 4 in her family. Her dad is a teacher and her mom a police officer. Okuhle says that she likes to go shopping with her mom and to the beach with her dad. She assured us that her mom does not spoil her when they go shopping, much to her dads relief I am sure!

This week's stars

I am so proud of this weeks certificate winners. They have tried so hard to follow instructions and give of their best! Keep it up all of you!

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Hello Jessica!

There are four people in Jessica's family. Her older sister is at Eden in the high school. She loves going to the beach, doing ballet and taking photos with her moms camera. Her favourite toys are her two monster dolls. She has two Weimaraner dogs that she loves. Jess says that playing in the snow with her family was such fun.

This is Zeenath

Zeenath comes from a large family - six altogether! But that is not all....she has 5 dogs, 2 hamsters and some fish! She loves sweets, barbies, going to the beach and fast cars! She and her family like having picnics together. Her dad is a doctor, Zeenath says her mom does not 'work' but stays at home and looks after her and her brothers and sisters - a full time job if you ask me!

Hello Sonia!

Sonia is also new to our school this year. She has settled in well and has made lots of new friends! The class was so excited to hear her oral as they couldn't wait to taste her most favourite food - pizza! She says that bacon, cheese, mushroom and aromat are her toppings of choice  There are five in her family. She loves her Barbie DVD's and has over 20 movies in her collection! She loves her sister and brother, but says that her brother likes to wrestle and punch -which she does not like!

Introducing Adrian

Adrian is new to our school this year. We welcome him and hope that he enjoys his years at Eden. Adrian just loved telling us all about his family. He is well traveled  having visited America, Australia and Fiji. He loves soccer and has many of the famous teams as his favourite! His best player is Wayne Rooney. He enjoys playing on his x-box and eating macaroni and cheese.