Friday, 30 January 2015

Number Fun

Today our classes got to wear a number to school. They were all curious about why they were asked to do so! We had a number of fun activities planned.
We first asked the children to line up from smallest to biggest. It was so interesting watching them try to organise themselves into a line, and in the correct order! It took a while but they eventually did it! We did other activities like..divide yourselves into odd and even numbers, those with numbers between for example 27 and 55 sit down, and many more.

After the long holidays, bonds are a problem as many children are not as sharp as they should be, so lots of bonds drills are required! So we included some games that we played in rotation that were all aimed at just that! 
Miss Kinloch explains the rules for each game.

making 10.

adding pairs

 Roll the Dice
first one remove all their blocks
is the winner.

Who knew bonds and number concept practise could be so much fun. The children did not want to stop! This is an activity that we will definitely repeat soon.

My amazing dad.

This week we had great fun reading "My Amazing Dad"by Ross Collins. Snip's dad goes off early in the morning and comes back in the evening. He has no idea what he gets up to. He becomes quite distressed when he sees the amazing things all his friends dad's can do. He is worried that his dad is not as cool as all the others. However, he discovers that it is his dad that is that one that actually teaches everyone what to do! 

As you can imagine we had some interesting discussions about what amazing things our dads can do. The children wrote about it and they are up in the classroom on display.

Megan and I are looking forward to meeting all the dads at our family picnic next week!

Monday, 26 January 2015

Baby Day

Grade Two was abuzz with excitement as Baby Day arrived last Friday. Some brave children dressed as babies but most brought something that either dated back to their own baby days or belonged to a sibling.

To start our day, we were fortunate to have real live babies pay us a visit. Aryiana's mom brought her housekeepers 10 month old baby boy and Zahra's mom brought her 11 month old sister. They told us all about their babies...what they ate, how often they sleep, what they can do etc. It was interesting for us to be able compare what each baby could do.

We loved their matching oufits!

Essie showed us how well he could crawl

Nabila loved reading her book to us!

How do you do?

Once the babies left, it was the turn of our 'big babies' to show what they had brought!

Theolan wore a bib that he had as a baby
Ariyana borrowed a hat from her cousin.

Caitlin really played the part! She brought her
 her favourite 'blankie' and soft toy from when she
was a baby, as well as a bottle.

Bhavan brought a rattle that he used to play with.
Akhil brought his favourite bath toy that he still
plays with today!

Shaavan loved sucking his dummy!

Shristhi brought a bottle and bowl that she used to use.
Arushi enjoyed showing us her bib and dummy

AKhani and Onyi with their bottles!

Molemo and Kiara brought their babies!

Bailey brought a whole packet of things..bottle, book, blanket,
baby spoon ...!

We then had great fun guessing who the baby photos belonged to. Some were so easy to guess, others were nearly impossible!

 After break it was time to make baby food.... 



sweet potato





Once it was all mashed, each child had to close their eyes and guess the food. Some were really worried that they would get their least favourite food to sample! I am pleased to say that almost everyone participated! 

Then it was time to taste everything and vote on their favourite and least favourite food.  Some children really enjoyed sampling the food while others did it with 'long teeth'. Potato was the winner with 9 votes, avo the second favourite with 3 votes. The least favourite foods proved to be cauliflower with 7 votes and avo 5!

Everyone unanimously agreed that they were very glad that they did not have to only eat mashed any more!