Monday, 24 April 2017

Our new theme - Regions of the world

This term we will be learning about the different regions of the world:- deserts, rain forests, ocean and arctic regions. We will be linking stories and countries to this in our very brief travel around the world. 

Last Friday, in preparation for our travels, we introduced our classes to the map of the world where we learnt about the continents and location of the different regions. 

There was much excitement when we made our passports in preparation for our first destination today.

We asked our classes to bring scarves to school today - but why, was the question! The reason...we leaving for the desert, our first stop, Egypt.

After passing through customs and receiving welcome drinks while boarding Egypt air we had our safety briefing before take off.


Welcome drinks... 

Safety briefing...

Learning a little about the country we are about to land in....

Scarves on, ready to disembark and meet our guide into the desert, Casim.


Reading all about Casim...

The intrepid travelers...

Some travelers stayed in character even whilst working!

We will spend a while in and around the desert in Egypt for a while and hope to learn lots of interesting new facts.

Term 2 - congratulations to the ESP eco winners.

Well done to these children who received certificates for their ESP points.

Special mention goes to Jasmine and Tashmina who have reached level one and can proudly wear their badges. 

I am hoping more children will reach this level soon.