Monday, 31 October 2016

Kaydon, Reece and Sudharshans experiments

We are almost at the end of our experiment orals. They really have been fantastic.

Today Kaydon showed us how to make a clock work by using two potatoes as the energy source.


Sudharshan asked the question - which orange will float? Will it be the peeled or whole orange?


Reece also demonstrated the demonstrated the density of liquids by using oil, water and salt.



Diwali Assembly

On Friday we got to see some beautiful outfits as we celebrated the festival of lights - Diwali. Thanks to Aunty Rosh for all her hard work.

More experiments. Hannah, Ria, Vyal, Shraddha and Mariam

Hannah made elephants tooth paste. Her mixture of water, dishwashing liquid, bleach and bicarb really caused and amazing reaction. A gush of bubbly liquid came gushing out of her bottle!



Ria showed us how to inflate a balloon using bicarb and vinegar. The gaseous reaction it caused made the balloon inflate very quickly.



Detective Vyal told us all about the three different types of finger prints there are - arches, loops and whorls. We all had our finger prints taken so that we could see which type we had. After that he demonstrated how the police pick up fingerprints at a crime scene. It was most interesting.




Shraddha showed an experiment that demonstrated the density of oil and water


Lastly Mariam's experiment demonstrated how to make beautiful rainbow colours using milk, food colouring and dish washing liquid.