Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Stars of the week

The children in my class have been working like absolute super stars this past week and it was so difficult to choose who was deserving of an award. What was so amazing was that Gill had the same problem. So we decided to give every child and award because they all deserved it!

It was such a pity that there was no assembly this week. But that did not stop the sheer excitement when I awarded them the certificate, especially as each child found their name.

Keep up the fantastic really are Mrs Whillier's Wonderkids!

The chef and the fly!

I just love the enthusiasm the children in my class have for whatever we do!

Today Dighace arrived with some cabbage, onion and tomato as well as an apron and a beautiful chefs hat that she had made. She brought a peeler, grater and a fancy tomato cutter with her because she wanted to show us how to make a salad. I must say the tomato cutter was very difficult to use so we gave it up as a bad job! She showed us how to slice onions and grate the cabbage.

Then we had a fantastic idea.... we got Dighace to pretend to be a chef cooking in the kitchen and Elijah brought his fly to worry her while she was busy. We were able to retell parts of the story using the wow words as Dighace and Elijah acted them for us!

Who said learning cant be fun!!

Last, but not least....Elijah

I have been teasing Elijah all of last week and this by asking him if we have saved the best oral for last..he always gave me a shy smile but did not commit! But after listening to him today, I think we may have!

Elijah has a wonderful, mature way of expressing himself and he was able to tell us  interesting  things about each and every item that he brought.

He started off by showing us a picture of himself at Little Noddy pre-school where  Kwandile and Ottie were in his class. He said that there was a boy there who was a bit of a bully and would always wrestle with him!

Next he showed us a tiny lego fly that he won at Toys R Us. He got it free because he won a lego building challenge. He was able to build a lego man in 1 minute and his closest rival did it in three and a half minutes. He said that he thought it would be useful for us to use when we do our Shoo Fly story. And later we did just all about it in the post above. He said that the Logo movie is coming soon and he cant wait to go and see it.

Elijah is a vegetarian, he said the reason for this is that he does not like to eat dead animals or destroy them!

He brought out a big packet of Wilsons toffees that he really enjoys. He used to like the blue wrapped ones the best but now he prefers the coke flavoured toffees. He shared them with us after he had finished his talk.

Last of all, Elijah had two pictures of pythons. One where it was eating its prey after constricting it and the other was where a python was being held by a group of men. Elijah loves learning about any animal, but pythons are his favourite. He told us lots of facts using some really grown up words.

Thank you for a lovely oral Elijah, we really enjoyed listening to it and learning more about you.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Jasmita, our dancing pupil of the day!

Jasmita has been bursting with excitement since last week at the prospect of doing her oral today. 

Well the time arrived and she came to school, a bundle of energy ready to share he favourite things with us. She said that she was a bit shy for the one part.....! But knowing Jasmita, shy and is not a word I would use to describe her!

Jasmita started off showing us some lovely pictures of her family. There are five in her family. Her dad fixes cars, her mom is an accountant, and her two sisters are both at school with her at Eden. 

A ballet award
After that Jasmita proceeded to show us numerous dancing certificates and some trophies that she has been awarded for ballet and Indian contemporary dance. We may get to see your name in lights one day Jasmita!
Indian dancing award.

She and her family enjoy reading, she says they have a mini library at home because they love it so much. So good to hear Jasmita. She brought two of her favourite books..The Little Mermaid and Lady and the Tramp to show us.

Her two favourite DVDs are Barbie as well as The Santa Pups, which we wanted to watch at break but couldn't due to a power failure.

One of her favourite games is Pick up Sticks, which I remember loving as a child too.

Her favourite puddings are Italian Kisses and Trifle, both of which we got to sample...mmm they were delicious!

Once she had finished showing us all the things from her packet, we got to see a power-point with a whole selection of photos of her and her family. And then..... it was time to see her in action. 

Jasmita finished off her oral by doing a 'Bollywood' Dance for us. Everyone enjoyed watching her. Well done Jasmita, it was a lovely way to end off.

Shoo Fly.

This week we are reading another Jill Eggelton book called "Shoo Fly". It is about a chef who is baking some crispy bread and a pesky fly comes to irritate him. In some of the pictures we  see his baking equipment and this got us talking about measuring spoons and whisks amongst other things. Some children were not sure exactly what they were.

Showing us a cup, 1/2 a cup
and 1/4 cup measure.
Well, this morning Kamira arrived at school armed with measuring cups and some flour. She wanted to show us how to make some dough.  

Moments like these are really special to me as a teacher..when I know something that we have done in class goes beyond the classroom to spark an interest, just like the frogs from last week! I so appreciate you bringing these to share with us today, Kamira. (the best part was that they couldn't escape and didn't jump!)
In goes the flour
Add the water

Mix it together
There you have it, some

Thank you for bring this to share with both our class and Mrs Rayners, Kamira. We are hoping to take it a bit further on Friday and bake some crispy bread just like the chef....if we manage to get enough bread makers!
Everybody wanted to feel.

Monday, 10 March 2014

Shaylin - our third to last pupil of the day!

We are on to the final stretch of our pupil of the day orals. Shayling started us off this week.

There are five in Shaylins family, he brought a beautiful picture of them all taken at his sisters dancing awards.

Add caption

His dad owns a fleet of big trucks, and Shaylin seems to like them too! He had a beautiful picture of one on his packet. He showed us a picture of his dads first truck, which he has been in many times. He says that now his dad has 25 trucks! Wow..I wonder if you have been in all of them now Shaylin?

Believe it or not, one of Shaylins favourite DVD's is BeeGees! He says that he likes to watch it in his dads car when they travel! His mom bought him a Titanic 3D puzzle which he likes even though it was difficult to construct. Fortunately his mom helped him to build it.

When he and his family went to Cape Town at Christmas time, they to the top of Table Mountain in the cable car. He really enjoyed the views. He brought us a t-shirt to show us that he bought there.

 The boys, and even some of the girls were so excited when he brought out his remote Audi Q4 to show everyone. He drove it in amongst the children much to their delight.

Perhaps one day Shaylin will be a chef because he likes to help his mother make samoosas! He brought us some delicious sausage rolls to eat, they were still warm from the oven. Everybody enjoyed them. Thanks Shaylin!

Friday, 7 March 2014

World Book Day

Kwandile looks up information
from his reading sheet.
It was World Book Day on Thursday, so Gill and I decided that we would make a class book with our classes today to celebrate.

Each child was responsible for a page. The children had to write four frog facts that they had learnt during the week.
Damon drew pictures
to remind himself what to
 We wanted them to be as original as possible. Once they had finished writing the facts they illustrated the page. 


I was very pleased with what my class remembered as well as the beautiful pages they produced.

We are going to ask Mrs Regaud if we can display our book in the library, do pop up and have a read.

Asimbonge, Fridays pupil of the day.

Photos shoots are a popular past time of the families in my class, and Asimbonge and her family are no exception.

I just love this picture!
The first thing that Asimbonge showed us were beautiful, professional pictures of her and her family. She has two sisters, one who is very young..and naughty! And another sister who is in grade R at Eden. Both her mom and dad work at the Meat Junction.

 Asimbonge's loves playing with her barbie dolls. She has five of them altogether and has tons of clothes for them all.

She also showed us a cute soft toy that she got from the Galleria, which she sleeps with.

Kinderjoy is her favourite sweet and we were very lucky because her dad bought one for each member of the class. There was much excitement as the children opened them up to discover the treasures within!