Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Put on your listening ears.

Even though the desert is appears a very inhospitable place there are many creatures that live there. On Friday we discussed the following animals and learnt how they are adapted for life in the desert.

Then the real test came! I divided the class into pairs and gave them each an animal. Each group had to listen as I called out facts, If the fact applied to their animal they were to put their hands up. It was very interesting to see who had absorbed the information and who needed help. Once each pair had their facts, they made a poster. They begged me to allow them to do an oral once they were finished. I was so pleased to see how hard each group tried to tell us their facts in their own words and without looking at the poster. 


A caravan of lanky, cranky camels.

Seeing that we had been reading about a very rude, spitting camel, we decided to see if camels were really like that in real life. 

Not only did we learn that camels can indeed spit, although not like the way do, we also learnt many other interesting facts about them. My class wrote up their information. They are slowly learning how important it is to plan your sentence before putting pen to paper, which has made a big difference in their sentence writing.