Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Aphiwe the ballerina, is pupil of the day.

Aphiwe is the ballerina of the class and she has a number of certificates and trophies to her name! Aphiwe enjoys swimming and playing with her friends. She is a very agile little girl, which she demonstrated by making a "bridge", you see her doing it in the photo. Aphiwe brought her two brat dolls to show the class. She, like many others in grade two lists spaghetti as her favourite food!

Monday, 30 January 2012


If you are having macaroni and cheese for supper then you must invite Lusanda, as it is his favourite meal! He also enjoys cake, which he brought for us to sample. Lusanda tries very hard to be a good boy at home as he does not like getting into trouble. He brought his favourite toy car to show us. It is actually his brothers, but Lusanda says that he plays with it more so it is now his. He and his family like to go on picnics and holidays together. Lusanda showed us a picture of himself and his family on top of table mountain.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Megan is Fridays pupil of the day.

Megan is one of the globe trotting members of our class! She and her family love going to far away places together. Their latest trip was on the Melody where they visited Madagascar. She told us that it had lots of poor people and they even saw someone trying to sell their baby for money, how sad. Her smurf, that she brought to show us, was given to her by dad, and it came all the way from America. Megan likes to watch DSTV, playing with her sister and eating spaghetti. She also has a cat, Mittens that likes to sleep all day. Chocolate is her favourite sweet and the children were delighted that she shared some with them!

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Yavna is the pupil of the day

Yavna brought a whole lot of her favourite things to show the class today. Her purse and beads being her most favourite items. She told us that she has eight dogs!! Boss is very friendly and would love to come to school with her every day. They sometimes call him Hugo Boss! Another of her dogs is very naughty and sometimes tries to bite! Yavna loves to tickle her brother because he is so ticklish, but she says that she isn't, so when her brother tries to tickle her back she doesn't laugh!

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Pizza with Amahle!

When the class saw Amahle walk in with a pizza box they could not not wait for to do her oral! She told us that she has a big brother in grade eight, he must be very special because he sometimes allows her to play with him and his friends ! She has three rabbits at home that she keeps in a cage so she could not bring them to school to show us all. She brought her favourite teddy instead! Ushaka is where you will find Amahle and her family having fun in the sun.

Brady our second pupil of the day

Brady has three dogs and lots of fish at his home.. Brady is an active boy who likes to keep busy with ice-skating, swimming and fishing! His favourite food is spaghetti and chocolate muffins, we were so lucky because we were treated to the most delicious muffins that he and his mom made! Brady takes drumming lessons, I wonder if his family have to block their ears while he practices!!

Monday, 23 January 2012

Syun our first pupil of the day.

Syun was our first pupil of the day. He was very brave and spoke in a clear voice when he told us all about his family. We learnt that he and his family love to have fun at Ushaka and that prawns are his favourite food. He brought his favourite  bakugan dinosaur toy to school to show us.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

HIgh Five! Eden is Fab, Five and Flourishing!

anyone for cake?

Rivan and Ravi - high five!
We started the new year with a birthday party! Eden is five this year. Even though it was a boiling hot day, we were happy to watch the birthday celebrations.
Mrs Peens and Mr Marcelin arrived on Harley Davidsons and looked so cool in their biker outfits! The high school children entertained us with singing, beat boxing and dance.
It was such a hot day, but my class managed to sit through the entire porgramme without complaining. We ended off the morning with the whole school proceeding onto the field to make a huge 5, and then we were treated to some birthday cake which we enjoyed in the haven of our air-conditioned classroom!

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Hello Mrs Peens!
girl power!
Smile for the camera
It got very hot!
look here boys!

The girls and their birthday cup cakes

Mr Marcelin arrives in style!

Grade 2 2012. I am so happy to meet my new children and their parents.