Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Ooey, gooey, splishy, sploshy fun!

When we experience something it means so much more to with this in mind Gill and I prepared some activities to reinforce our "wow' words for the week. These were ooey, gooey and splosh, all taken from our book "Bad Luck Duck" by Gill Eggleton.

We took our classes into the hall, seated them in groups and asked them to close their eyes. They were just bursting with curiosity! What were we up to?

Once we had placed the containers on the floor, they had an opportunity to discover what was under the lids. It was Jelly!  

The best part of it all.. they were allowed to put their fingers into it, even their whole hands! Once they had done this we got them to give us words to describe what it felt like. We got some interesting words and reactions.

After this we went down onto the field to play in the water and make as big a 'splosh" as we could. Whilst doing this we made mud and the children had the opportunity to feel it between their toes. They could just imagine how the poor duck felt when he landed in the mud!

After our fun it was back to the classroom to write some poems using the words that we had given. They really turned out well, please feel free to pop in and read them, they are displayed on the back wall of our classroom.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Maths is Fun

On Friday we started our Maths programme with some fun group activities. It was all about counting. We started with ourselves..counting hands, feet, fingers and toes, it was such fun. Especially when each child had an opportunity to count in a "funny or weird' way when it was their turn.. It was lovely to watch them start out shyly and get braver and braver as we continued. We then divided our classes into groups each with a different counting activity.

Dot to Dot

Making up as many sums as you can that add up to 5 and 10.

A dice game.. one of the favourites

And lastly - putting our fingerprints up on the window for future counting activities!

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Magical Me.

Our theme this term is "Magical Me". So after unpacking all our stationery, we started our first bit of work..making 'magical me' crowns. Everyone enjoyed making and decorating their crowns, and were seen all over the school proudly displaying their creations!