Monday, 20 June 2016

The spikey one

Today we made paper folded porcupines. Some of it was quite tricky and required careful listening and watching. But they turned out rather well.

Fathers Day Fun

The children just love having their parents at school. This past Friday it was the father's turn. We hosted them in our classroom. We did lots of fun games like, who can tie a tie the quickest, blow up a balloon, light a candle, cut out a picture, which dad had the most credit cards and many more.
Here are just a few pictures from the morning.

It was so much fun. We really appreciate your precious time dads!

The fast one

We read the chapter about when Pim meets a group of baby cheetahs. He learns that they can run fast and that they have tear like markings under their eyes. They teased him and pretended to catch him! Pim couldn't wait to have a fighting lesson from his mom so that he would be able to defend himself in times of danger. 

The children were so interested in the cheetahs and the big cats that we decided to do a group lesson based on them. As a class, we discussed the similarities of the big cats and then we briefly looked at each of the following,  

After this we randomly divided our classes into groups, and allocated each group one of the cats. They were asked to make spider diagram of how their cat was similar to all the other big cats as well as how they were different.

I am so proud of the way my class is learning to work in groups. They just got on with job, created wonderful posters and did the most amazing little teach backs.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Birthday fun

Who wants to work when its the teachers birthday? We have really worked so hard this term - so I decided a fun day was definitely a good idea for us all!

We started off by playing pass the parcel - each layer and a bonds sum to solve - the answer was a clue to a letter that eventually made a sentence.

Next it was Balloon Bingo, which we played with Miss Caddicks class. This was so much fun. Each child got to blow up a balloon, they were grouped and then chose a word from their spelling lists. The words we put into a hat, as I called them out, the balloon was popped. The first group to pop all their balloons were the winners!

Next....making crumpets. Each group had the opportunity to come and make their own. The others did a word-search where they searched for words related to me, as well as a maths puzzle, that ended up making a birthday picture.

Lastly, we read the next chapter of Pim where he gets into trouble for telling his mom a whopper! Each child had to tell us three things about themselves or their family - two had to be the truth and one a whopper! turns out that some of them were very clever at telling 'untruths' and really tricked us!!

It was such a fun day, and a lovely way to spend a birthday!

Thanks again to you wonderful parents for spoiling me...I really appreciate it very much.

Giraffe stories

Last week Pim meets Miss Giraffe while he was out exploring. We also watched a story called "Giraffe cant dance." Here, giraffe learns that in fact, we can all dance - if we find the music we love.

this inspired us to write our own stories. We discussed how to plan a story, with a good introduction, middle and ending. We brainstormed ideas together as a class and then each child was given a framework to plan their story on. Once planned they wrote them out. I helped edit their story and then we went to the computer room to type them out. 

I was so proud of their stories that we asked Mrs Osbourne if we could read them to her class. They read so beautifully, it is so evident that each and every child has made wonderful progress this term.