Friday, 27 February 2015

Flower information

Both Megan and I are very impressed at how much information our classes have learnt about plants these past two weeks. If any of you have been in our passage this week you will see how well our vegetables are growing as well.

We made flowers to add to our growing classroom displays. The children had to write information on each part of the flower, i.e. the job of the roots, stems, leaves as well as 4 interesting facts about plants. They really came out well. Please feel free to pop in and have a read.

The final three...Khanyi, Molemo and Caitlin!

This week saw the last of our pupil of the day orals. The children have loved sharing about themselves and it was fun hearing about them as babies and growing up.

Khanyi was on Wednesday...

Khanyi brought her album and
showed some of her moms
scan pictures, as well as
a photo taken just after she
was born.
As a tiny newborn.

With her favourite toy as a baby.
She still likes to cuddle it now.

One her fist pairs of shoes.
She must have looked so cute in
She loved to chew biltong sticks.
Playing on her dads cell phone
they do start young these days!

Molemo counted down the days till it was her turn to share her baby things with us! She spoke out confidently, even though she was feeling a bit sick. 
With her granny and cousin in the hospital.

Molemo's winnie the pooh
has had so much love that
it is missing an eye!
Everyone has their
favourite 'blankie'!

Another Barney fan!
Molemo's very cute
Barney dress.

And the matching shoes.

Today it was Caitlin's turn. She really put a lot of effort into her presentation. She used so much expression to make her oral very interesting!
We loved the part where she introduced us to her special guest..her imaginary friend Cherry! She is no longer around any more though as she has gone to Joburg! She left soon after Caitlins third birthday!

Showing us the card
that she was given in hospital
just after she was born.

This blanket was given to
her by her Unncle after she was born.
Caitlin is another 'blankie'
child. She says that
she still likes to use it

The very special inscription
on the blanket

A jersey made by her
granny. She didn't even
fit into it at first. Its very

With her baby bottle

How big is this cuddly toy?

Showing us the picture her
mom entered into a baby competition.
She even won a prize.

A picture of herself as baker baker
at her old school.

How cute is she! Caitlin assured
us all that she had iced them all
herself..her mom only did one
to show her!
Caitlins ending to her oral, sums up all the children in my her gran says..."sometimes good, sometimes bad but always precious!"
Thank you for your lovely oral Caitlin!

Stars of the week...Ariyana, Seth and Bailey.

I was pleased to award certificates to these three of my Wonderkids this week. 

Ariyana was awarded hers in recognition of her wonderful contributions to class discussions. 

Seth was given the Mighty Mouse award for the mighty effort he is putting into his homework. 

Finally Bailey was awarded her certificate in recognition of her outstanding oral last week.

Well done to you all!

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Arushi - Tuesdays pupil of the day.

We learnt today that Arushi means 'first ray of sun', she was named that because she was her parents first child and she brightened up their lives when she was born. 

Well Arushi definitely brightened up our day with her fantastic oral. She was very well prepared and had so many interesting things to tell us.

Arushi was very small at birth.
She was smaller than this teddy,
and weighed 1.8kgs.

Showing us pictures from her
2nd birthday where she had a
chocolate Noddy cake.
With her mom and dad and the beautiful cake.
I just love her face!

A book she was given by her
parents when she was small.
She can now read it all by herself.

Showing us how to do a magic
Everyone loved Arushis ending...she finished off by demonstrating a card trick and then asked if we could join in and help her with a trick! She wondered if she gave us all a Rollo chocolate if we could make them disappear...the a flash!!

Thank you Arushi and once again..WELL DONE!

Monday, 23 February 2015

Outing to Bot Gardens

This past week we were learning about how flowers help us by creating seeds to make more plants. Our classes were very proud of themselves because they learnt big words like "pollination", and were able to explain what that meant. To do this we had to understand the parts of a plant and their function.

We studied the petunias that we had planted at the beginning of the year, to see clearly these different parts. However, Megan and I decided that an outing to Bot Gardens would be great to see a variety of examples.

So on Friday we set off bright and early.
We first looked at various plants to discover their stamens and carpels. We really enjoyed seeing the beautiful orchids in the orchid house. Lots of plants had gone to seed, the children were so excited to find the 'seed boxes' and collect seeds.

We then spent time in the sensory garden. We divided the children into groups. Each group had to find as many examples of how the senses were catered for in the space. 

Next we looked in the fern garden, we explained to the children about how ferns use spores instead of flowers to grow new plants. Each child had to sketch a fern frond.

Finally we explored the herb garden and discussed how some plants help us either to make our food taste better or in other ways such as medically. Here we used our sense of smell and taste to really experience this area.

The time went by so quickly. We just had time for a quick snack before heading back to school. The children enjoyed the outing and hopefully benefited from the hands on experience.