Thursday, 28 January 2016

Bonds "monstars"

I have been drilling bonds to 10 since the beginning of the term. Each day we attempt to do 60 sums in 3 minutes. Slowly but surely more and more are beginning to achieve this goal. Well done to these bonds "monstars." Hopefully it wont be long till everybody finishes in time....we are nearly there!

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Bad Luck duck

This week we are reading the book Bad Luck Duck. duck gets stuck in mud and none of his friends want to help him out, only goose who saves him from fox. This whole week we have been discussing ways to be kind and be a good friend. 

Yesterday we did some creative writing, focusing on two of the wow words from the story...creeping and peeping. We gave them a door and discussed what fox would hear or smell behind it if he was creeping and peeping nearby. My class came up with some wonderful ideas. They are up in the classroom if you want to pop by and have a read.

Saturday, 23 January 2016

A 'monstrous' week

Our week reading The Mess Monsters has come to an end. We all thoroughly enjoyed the story and the activities that went with it.

On Tuesday we brainstormed words to describe the sounds a monster would make as it approached, what we would see and feel, what he would look like etc. We then used these words to write a descriptive passage. My class then had to draw a picture of the monster they described. It was our first attempt at this sort of thing, and I was so proud of my class's efforts.

Both Megan and I have been emphasising the 'wow' words used in the story like, stamped, squashed, jumped, chewed, clobbered etc, they are up in our classrooms for future reference. To reinforce these words we collected a whole bunch of anti-waste so that we could act out them out... needless to say our classes had so much fun! 

They wondered why all the 'stuff' was there!
Miss Caddick reads the story so we can act it out.

Some monsters hiding

Monsters only come out when there is mess!

Stomping and jumping.

Oh no, more mess monsters are on the loose!

clobbering and squashing

tearing and chewing

Waiting for their turn!



Oi, stop! more more mess
monsters. I am going to keep my
room tidy so that they never return!
So when all the mess was made, we needed the mess monsters to disappear so as quick as a flash with 30 pairs of hands on deck, the mess was all cleaned up....No more mess monsters! (for now anyway!)

It was a real fun learning experience!

Monday, 18 January 2016

Mess monsters

This term our theme is called "Hooked on Books". Through each book we will be covering mini themes. The first book we will be reading is called mess Monsters. 

This week we had fun making monster book covers, woolly  monsters and others from paint . We h cant wait to read the story next week.
Kaydon and Tye made monsters from playdough.
 Prepearing to make the paint splotches for our mess monsters.

Making our woolly monsters.

All done!

The mess monsters turned out so well. You will be able to see them all on Wednesday when it is our Information evening.