Friday, 12 April 2019

Flying Monkeys!

I am so proud of how well my class did in the show...I am sure that you will all agree!

International toasted cheese and deskfast day.

After two late nights only eight children managed to make it to school on Friday to celebrate this perfectly timed day! We could all sleep in a little longer and eat breakfast toasted sandwiches at school. 

To end off our mini theme all about aardvarks, as a class we made a big picture of an aardvark hunting for termites. I put the children into groups, and each group was was responsible for a different part of the picture. It really turned out well.

Busani, Carter, Leya and Dharshan broke up egg boxes and used the pieces to make the termite mound....

Kirana and Eli made the aardvark...

Levi, Aisha, Ahren, Leya and Arya made lots of termites!

Eventually everybody pitched in to finish off the picture.

It looks fabulous!

Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Dictionary fun

It was the first time that many of my class had looked inside a dictionary! They were really fascinated. We are learning how to look up the meanings of words like burrow, muzzle etc and then to put them in alphabetical order. It is not an easy activity, but with practise we will get better!

Afrikaans is fun

We are busy learning the vocabulary for clothing. We had great fun yesterday playing matching games, vocab relays and the like - most children seem to be remembering the words!