Monday, 20 February 2017

First pupil of the new week - Melo

Melo told us today that her Zulu name Melokuhle, means beautiful gift, her mother must have really loved her when she was born to give her such a beautiful name. She showed us a picture of when she was a baby - and does look pretty special!

She showed us pictures of her family and told us how they all like to get together at Christmas time. They looked like such a happy bunch.

Melo has a special doll that she got from her gran for Christmas. She called her Thando which means love.

Thank you for your effort Melo.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Aayur - a fabulous end to this weeks orals.

Aayur really did a fantastic job with his oral today. He had so much to tell us because he was so well prepared. A few of things we learnt about him were....

He is an animal lover - he has held a falcon and a huge big snake before, and wasn't a bit scared. That's because he says, that he is a very brave boy. He has been to the animal farm and the Lion park as well. He has a dog called Marshmallow. We all had a good laugh when we found out why - Aayur says that when he thought that his Dad was asking him what he would like to call his dog he thought he said - What would you like to eat!

Aayur enjoys colouring in and painting and brought a beautiful picture that he had painted, to show us.

He enjoys soccer and cricket and once met the Indian cricketer, Harbhajan Singh - he even has the photo to prove it. He is very proud of his Messi soccer kit and boots and just had to change into it after his oral

Thank you for all your effort Aayur, well done!

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Team building at Durban Girls college

Despite the scorching heat we had a lot of fun this morning. We joined Clifton, Marist Brothers and DGC for fun team building activities.

We kept the children well hydrated so they did complain about being too hot. However, it was so nice to return to our cool air conditioned classroom.

Enjoy the photos.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

This weeks superstars.

Well done to Tashmina, who is now able to finish her speed bonds because she has been doing lots of practice. Aayur got full marks for his test yesterday. Mikayla got a certificate in recognition of her kind and generous personality. Kiash was rewarded for his outstanding oral the other day.

Well done everyone, I am so proud of you all.

Evsey - Wednesdays pupil of the day.

Swimming and soccer are two of Evseys favourite sports. He says that they keep him fit. He like, millions of others have Ronaldo as their soccer hero.

Evsey brought us his ipad that he got as Christmas gift. He says that it is the most advanced version, when I asked him why, he said that his parents told him so! He enjoys all sorts of games on it - both educational and fun.

He likes playing the Lego Jurassic World X-box game as well as dominoes. He plays dominoes with his mom, and according to Evsey she usually looses!

Thank you Evsey

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Green Valentine

We had a wonderful green valentines day today. Everyone looked the part in their green outfits.

 In keeping with our theme, all Eden children wrote a pledge where they promised to do something to make our earth a better place. Some promised to pick up litter, others not to waste water and some to continue eating healthy food.

They are on view on the tree at the entrance to the hall.

Sizotha - birthday girl and our pupil of the day.

It was a LOVEly day for Zizotha to be pupil of the day - not only was it her birthday, it was also Valentines day!

Sizothas has a pair of shakers that she loves to shake whenever she is excited or happy. Another thing that she likes to do with them, is to pretend that they are her hair!

The Crazy Store is one of her favourite shops - she brought a doll, some slime and a sticky hand - all bought from there to show us today.

Her purple notebook has a lock on it so that she can write secret things in there.

We hope you enjoy the rest of your birthday today.