Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Rhino Day Fun

Last week the whole school celebrated International Rhino Day by doing a number of fun activities all relating to Rhinos.

After an emotional assembly by Mrs Reguard, we starte with our activities.

We learnt that the Rhino was an umbrella species. If there were no more rhinos around this would have a huge impact on the environment.

We made umbrellas off which we wrote about four of these impacts.

We didnt have time to complete our final activity which we did today. We painted a beautiful rhino onto a pillow case as a reminder of these magnificent animals.

Today in assembly each grade reported back on the various things that they did. It was such a success day.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Story acting

Image result for giraffe who couldnt danceFor a change today I got my class to make up a story and instead of writing it out, in groups, they acted it out. 

Inspired by this story of a giraffe, who despite being told that he was no good at dancing, found his own tune, and, discovered that he actually was an excellent dancer!

We listened to the story and discussed its meaning. I then set my class the task of making up a story about an animal that overcomes trials and tribulations and is successful. For a first time, they really did outstanding presentations.

First..plan the story and designate the parts and characters.

Next we went outside to practice....

Lastly, present your stories to the class.

This group presented  a story called
The rhino that couldn't charge. A completely original

I loved the rhino horns they made from paper!

I will definitely do something like this again, my class really enjoyed it and did a wonderful job.

Mulo, Sizotha, Divine and Melo

Worthy certificate winners over the past two weeks.

Arbour day with a Spring in its step!

We had a very busy week and didn't really have time to do many arbour week activities. Last Friday we walked around the school looking the characteristics of the different trees we have on campus. We took note of the texture of the bark, the shape of the leaves and many more. So many trees were in bud and bloom it was lovely to be out and about enjoying nature. 
We came back to class and made these beautiful Spring Arbour day pictures. They look amazing at the back of the class.