Tuesday, 20 February 2018

We love our friends.

On Friday we ended our love week by writing about how much we love our friends. We took the letters of L..O..V..E  and brainstormed words that we could use. We made the sign for 'I love you' and added a photo. I was so pleased with the end result.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Guess how much I love you

Seeing that it is Valentines week, we thought that the book , Guess how much we love you would be perfect to read this week.

Today we made valentines day cards for our parents using some of the ideas from the book. I hope you like them. I will post more about what we do later in the week.

We learnt how to sign I love you this week as well, here it is for you to paractise.

I am so pleased at how enthusiastic our Grade 2's are to learn. We can make a few sentences already. Here is what we did today.


We have begun to learn the graphemes and phonemes on the vowel chart now and I would encourage you to practice the same ones at home too. We write the graphemes and practice their sounds every day. 

Another Mother

We spent two weeks doing a number of activities based on the book Another Mother by Jill Eggleton. It is a delightful story all about an emu chick who discovered the hard way that her mother is the best with her wibbly wobbly neck and snuggy wuggly feathers. 

We wrote our own version of the story...

We made posters in groups, where we compared baby humans with baby birds. The children had to sort out the information and match the pictures. It was their first experience of group work and I was so impressed.

Last Friday we wrote some reasons why we wouldn't want another mother. They are up in the classroom if you would like to pop in and read them. Some of the reasons are so sweet!

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Stars of the week - Gia and Dhurnini

Well done to our first certificate winners of the term. Both girls got full marks for their first Grade 2 test. Well done I am so proud of you both.

Sunday, 28 January 2018

Marvelous me!

We are well into the start of Grade Two and I am so pleased at how well your children have settled into school.

We will be doing mini weekly or bi-weekly themes this term all based around stories. This past week we read the story Marvellous Me. You will recognise this excerpt from your child's reading sheet.

We discussed the various things that make us special. After that we wrote some of them down. There is a display up in the classroom, along with a miniature super hero each child made. Things got a bit hectic this week and I didnt get round to taking everyone's photos.

Every night this week your child had to practice reading an excerpt from our story for homework. They each got to read a portion out loud to the class. It was a bit nerve wrecking, some children really rose above the nerves and did a sterling job. I am looking forward to an improvement from everyone this week. I must say they were so enthusiastic about doing it, I am so pleased with all your children.

We had such fun doing speed writing this week - it was a great opportunity to get the 'cobwebs' away after the holidays. I would encourage you to do this at home. Each child had to see how many letters they could write in a minute.

I have encouraged my children to learn to some sign language this year. It is so important to be able to open the communications between the Deaf and hearing. They first learnt how to sign happy birthday to Saiyuren. 

This week we learnt to sign "good morning teacher and hello friends." My brother runs a deaf run coffee shop in Cape Town and this is his deaf barista Sam. We will be learning more over the coming weeks. Please ask your child to teach you too.

Here is the link to their Facebook page if you want to learn more.

On Friday we grouped our children into groups for some Friday fun! After each activity the groups rotated. The activities were inspired by our story.

Nobody chews the way I chew - put an entire Wilsons toffee in your mouth and chew!

Nobody has my singular nose...identify six smells, this was such fun!

Nobody sees the way I see....a memory game where each group had to remember a number of items on a tray and then see which had been removed each round.

Lastly, nobody claps the way I do. Here Miss Caddick taught each group a clapping game.

As you can see we have had a busy, fun filled week. Keep watching out for more posts.