Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Shopkeepers - Caeser, Kwanda and Melo

We had some wonderful tasty food this week, when these three children were shopkeepers. They had fun giving change and selling their goods.

Well done.

Making friendship cakes.

The grade two's had lots of fun on Friday when we made Friendship cakes. Miss p. made some with class, fortunately ours we far more successful! 

We put our classes into groups of 4, each group was supplied with a recipe which they had to follow. Thereafter, with the help of our wonderful mums they made a batch for the rest of the Junior Primary and then excitedly ate the rest.

Thank you mums for all your help, we could never have managed without it.

Orals - Kwanda, Mulo and Kesha

Kwanda, made an erupting volcano for his oral. he was well preapred and we all enjoyed it. Well done 

We learnt about static electricity from Mulo. he showed us how to separate salt and pepper. The pepper stuck to the spoon when he held it over the mixture.

 Kesha made elephant toothpaste. She was so well prepared and explained everything so well. I can see her has a teacher one day!

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Orals - Caeser and Chivam

Caeser presented what he called a rainy day activity for us today. He sprayed shaving foam onto water and dropped food colouring onto the top to produce colourful patterns

Chivam taught us about density when he made a larva lamp using water, oil and food colouring. When he dropped in the fizzy tablets the gas given off by them caused mini eruptions of colour. It was very successful experiment. Well done.