Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Stars of the week - Arushi, Bhavan and Shraddha

Well done to these three wonder kids. Both Arushi and Bhavan were awarded theirs for their kindness and helpfulness to all. Bhavan was also given his for his achievements on the Dojo. Shraddha has tried hard with learning the time. Well done!

Green Fest

This past weekend's Green Fest was a resounding success. I  have a few pictures from the day. Our pancake stall was very busy so I didn't get much chance to take photos. Thanks to those wonderful mums who contributed either ingredients, their time or both.
Models practicing for Sunday.

They were so cute!

The pancake stall just after set up!

Melissa and the dancers!

Molemo as shopkeeper

Molemo did a wonderful job as shopkeeper last Friday. She had a good selection of goods and was  sold out in next to no time. She was so efficient when giving change that I didn't even have to help her!

Stars of the week . Akhil, Daniel, Bhavan, Shraddha and Bailey

Congratulations to last weeks certificate winners. I am so proud of you all. Keep up your hard work.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Pirate outing

Displaying IMG-20150814-WA0001.jpgWhat a wonderful day we had on Friday. The children dressed so beautifully as pirates. Thank so much for your help parents. 

We first visited the Maritime museum and then sailed the seven seas on the Jolly Roger. We were even lucky enough to see dolphins swim right near our boat. Enjoy the photos.

Singing pirate songs before we left.