Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Anyone for tea?

What great excitement there was in grade 2 today! There were preparations a plenty, as we all worked together to host our mothers for high tea. In keeping with the British theme, cucumber sandwiches and scones and tea were the order of the day!

Once the sandwiches and scones were prepared the tables were set. All that was left to do was to wait for our mums! Mr. Marcelin (aka Lord Muck!)came along to give them a proper British welcome!

Three pretty mums all in a row!
Tea was poured, and impeccable manners were used to eat sandwiches and scones. Everything was fit for a queen! Even the weather was perfect!

After the eating and drinking was over, the mothers were in for a pleasant surprise. Mrs. Wiggle, one of our mums had come in the previous day and taught the children two British dances. 

First the children demonstrated what to do.

Then it was time for the mothers to join in. It was great fun!

What a successful morning and what a way to end off the term.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Fun at the Gym.

As we are nearing the end of term and heading towards the start of the Olympics it was the perfect time to visit a local gym for some good old fashioned fun!

It was wonderful to see how well the children and instructors interacted with each other. First was warm up time, crab stands, handstands, pyramids, jumping and running were the order of the day!

Ravi thoroughly enjoying himself!

Jump high Shahan!

 This is how you do it!

Stretches and crab stands and 'talking on the phone'!

Syun is very supple.

Aphiwe talking on the phone!

Serini walking like a crab!

Making pyramids - with a little help from my friends!

Running, jumping and having fun on the trampoline.

Balancing on the beam!

Everybodys favourite - the swings. Children had to hang on to avoid the mud pool- a large pit filled with foam sponges!

Shahan on his way!

Ravi in the mud pit!

Everybody agreed that it was a fantastic outing and they cant wait to go again!