Wednesday, 24 February 2016

International Read aloud day.

As it was international Read Aloud day, I got my class to read excerpts from their reading room books out loud. They then read their books to each other. It was so rewarding for me to see how much they enjoyed listening to each other. You can see from the photos how absorbed they were...a joy to watch.

We are busy writing little books to read to the grade ones, they are looking forward to doing this.

MonSTARS of the week:- Jessie and Esihle

I was so delighted to award these two certificates today. Jessie and Esihle have worked hard to understanding double and triple digit addition, they are now working with a clear understanding. Well done!

Bot gardens outing.

Last Friday had to one of the hottest days in a long while! We had a number of activities planned at Bot gardens but ended up doing half of them. We still had a lovely time though and it was a wonderful learning experience for the children.

We learned how to read a map - 

It was so easy to see the bees pollinating these water lilies.

In the orchid house we could see how some plants only needed air to grow, no need to be anchored in the soil. 

Plants have many uses, not only nice to look at but tasty too.
 Exploring in the sensory garden - we smelt the aromatic plants, felt the textures of the different leaves, and tried to cool down in the fountain!

 Looking for seed boxes and discussing how seeds are dispersed. Also experiencing the smells and tastes in the herb garden

 Bark rubbing
Some of the children with  their items they collected on the treasure hunt.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

The last two monstars of the day:- Shraddha ans Reece

Shraddha brought her favourite toy to school to show us... a huge big soft toy called Rosy. She likes to sleep with it at night. She also told us about her recent holiday in India. She loves her princess daisy book and read some sections of Cinderella to us all. She says she loves the part when the prince dances with Cinderella. A good effort Shraddha.

Reece was our final 'monstar'.  He loves KFC, especially the hot wings, his mom says that one day he will grow his own because he eats so many! I just loved the part of his oral when he showed us a photo of his family and told us that he loves them more than the moon and the stars. He loves soccer and his remote skateboard toy. He likes to drink energade, but is only allowed it over the weekends. Thank you Reece.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

MonSTARS of the week:- Vyal, Tye, Kripa and Reece.

I awarded certificates to  children who have really been trying there best and who are really trying to set their work out beautifully. Well done children! 

Hannah - Wednesday's monSTAR

Hannah spoke confidently when it was her turn to do her oral. Twister is one of her favourite games, she loves playing it with her baby sitter. My class was dying to play as well but the day ran away with us! She showed us a photo of when she was a cute, chubby baby, she says she looked just like her dad. She loved showing us her robot dog - it can be controlled from an ipad and can bark and play ball. Everyone loved it when she made it do a somersault! Hannah loves to bake with her mom, she brought us some cake pops that she had made - they were delicious. She got a hamster for her birthday, she loves playing with it - we introduced it to our class hamster. Hannah's hamster was not very friendly! 

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Mondays monSTAR - Zeta

Zeta couldn't wait to do her oral - she brought lots of things to show us! She started off by showing us a sword that she got when she went to the One Direction concert last year, it has lovely coloured lights that flash. Zeta is quite a dancer - she showed us her awards that she got for her Bollywood and ballet dancing - well done! For Christmas she got a minions Dvd, we were even able to watch some of it yesterday because it rained at break. Everyone was so happy when they got to share Zeta's favourite  snack - Doritos! a good effort thank you Zeta.

Monday, 15 February 2016

A sucessful Operation hydrate ends.

We are so proud of everyone at Eden. We as a small school managed to collect over 7000 liters of water to be give to those in the drought ravaged areas of the province. Our school busses were loaded to the brim when the water was delivered to The Gift of the Givers. Thank you one and all.

The whole school celerated by dressing in blue instead of red for our valentines   civvies day.

MonSTARS f the day:- Jessie, Liam and Ria

Jessie was the monSTAR of the day last Thursday. She brought her favourite doll Thandi to show us, she loves to sleep with her at night. She showed us a cute picture of herself when she was at pre-school as well as a photo of her granny who died. She says she misses her very much. Spur is where Jessie and her family like to eat...she even has a family card that they use to earn points.

On Friday it was Liams turn. He had lots to tell us. He brought pictures of his family and told us all about each member. He loves surfing with his dad, he loves his brother but they do fight every now and then!

The class were fascinated when Liam showed them his monopoly game - it is the latest version. It no longer has money but a type of credit card machine instead!! Everyone was hoping that he would leave the game at school so that they could have a go. Liam loves sushi but didn't bring any to share because he was not sure how many people would like it, instead he brought his second favourite food....crumpets. They went down a treat especially with the syrup and cinnamon sugar.  We all thought that his kittens looked very cute. He says that they wake him in the morning by biting his toes!

Today it was birthday girl Ria's turn to be the monSTAR. She showed us an activity pad that she likes- it comes with make up that you add to these beautiful faces. She got it as a gift from overseas. Snakes and Ladders and scrabble are her favourite games. She also showed us a pretty top she was given by her grandpa when he went to India.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

MonSTARS of the week - Jessie, Kripa, Shraddha, Mariam, Eshile

Congratulations to these children who were awarded certificates in assembly today. We are so proud of you all.

Wednesdays 'monstar' - Vyal

Vyal was so well prepared for his oral - we thoroughly enjoyed every minute. He had so much to tell us about each and every item he brought. He told us about his family, how much he loves tennis. He even won a tournament recently. He got a gift voucher and a medal as a prize. He likes playing chess in his spare time. He brought two cute guppies from his home collection to show us. everyone was delighted when he brought two of his favorite 'foods'
to share with us all - grapes and fruit juice. Well done Vyal.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Tuesdays 'monstar' - Tye

Tye's mom said that the happiest day in her life was when Tye was born! Tye did a lovely oral where we learned that soccer and karate are his best sports. He already has his green belt in Karate - he can't wait till he can earn his black belt!  He loves his i-phone because it has lots of games on it and he is able to talk to his mom via Facetime when she is away. He is very proud of his soccer cards, he had to wait 31 days for them to come from overseas! He was very happy when they arrived because they had the best cards in the pack!
We enjoyed your oral Tye - well done.

Monday, 8 February 2016

Start of Edens Operation Hydrate.

Today saw the launch of our water awareness drive. We are hoping as a small Eden family, to collect lots of bottled water for the drought stricken area of KZN. We are hoping that families will be more conscious about saving water in their daily lives. Both Megan and I sent out pledges for each family to sign, where they state what water saving endeavor they will be embarking on this week.

Each child had to write one way in which they promise to save water in a water droplet, which is being displayed n the school noticeboard for all to read.

We started our day by doing an experiment where we demonstrated the water cycle which led to discussions on the drought. We had a look at pictures of drought stricken areas. Many children did not realise how bad some areas were and promised to bring extra water for those suffering!