Monday, 11 August 2014

Dighace the shopkeeper

I know Dighace, just couldn't wait to have her turn as shopkeeper. So even though she was running a temperature, she soldiered on. I am so proud of you! The lip gloss proved to the most popular item in her shop and sold out in minutes!

Monkey Business

In Chapter 2, Pim meets a baby baboon. He learns that monkeys don't live in a burrow, but rather with their large family and in trees everywhere! Like him, the baby monkey still drinks from his mother. 

Our theme for the week was based around this chapter.

Shaylin started us off with his oral on Monkeys. He was so well prepared and had lots to show us all. Well done Shaylin.

Ria was absent on Monday, so she did hers on Thursday. As usual she was well prepared and even brought bananas and monkey nuts for us to share.

Dighace was on Friday, she told us about Baboons. I was so proud of her, she was really not feeling well , but persevered and gave us some interesting information. Well done Dighace.

Kwandile ends our termite week

Kwandile ended our termite week by telling us more about termites. He had a lovely poster and spoke in a clear voice. Well done Kwandile.

Jaden as shopkeeper.

Jaden was our shopkeeper on Friday 1 September. He had a lovely variety of goods, which included ..popcorn, my favourite! He was so efficient at giving change that he needed very little help from me. Well done Jaden!

Our termite freeze

Termites are social animals and work together for the survival of the termite colony. Gill and I decided to use a very practical lesson to show the children how co-operation can bring about great results. We put our classes into three groups...

One group drew the termite mound, broke up egg boxes into small pieces and stuck them on them onto the paper to create the mound.

The other group made fingerprint, termites.

Ria and Kwandile drew the aardvark, somehow I did not get a photo of them at work, but you will see the result of their work when you look at the end result.

At the end we all assembled the frieze and everyone had great fun sticking ants all over the mound and on the aardvark.

The end result was amazing. My class could really see how their hard work and co-operation paid off.