Sunday, 29 June 2014

Shopping with Elijah

It was Elijahs turn to be shopkeeper this week. He had a lovely variety of goods to sell, they went down very well with everybody.

He proved to be a very efficient shopkeeper who didn't need too much help from me when giving out change...Well done Elijah.

Divertimento italiani......Italian Fun!

What a busy time we have had in Italy this week. We made a grand entrance with a pasta eating competition! We grouped our classes and each group member tried to be the first person to suck up the long spaghetti noodle!

Shreya surprised us all by bringing a foccacia that she had made at home for us all to taste. Before we tasted it she demonstrated step by step how to make it. Thanks Shreya it really was delicious!

Mrs Rayner then told us all about the well known fashion designers who can be found in Italy. We had a look at some of their fashions, which led to some excited discussions particularly amongst the girls.

Next we gave our classes an opportunity to become designers. We gave them each a paper doll along with two outfits that they had to turn into fashion masterpieces. Gill and I were worried that the boys may not have found this as exciting as the girls. How wrong we were...both the boys and the girls loved creating the clothing, particularly when I brought out some sequins and glitter! Take a look...

During the week we had discussed various tourist attractions to be found in Italy. Gill and I gave them an atlas each, where we looked at amongst other things, the places we had been and their position in the world. The children were absolutely fascinated and just loved this activity.  

On Friday, we showed our classes a Prezi highlighting the Trevi Fountains, Sistine Chapel, Mount Vesuvius, The Colosseum, The Leaning Tower of Pisa, Milan the fashion capital and Venice and the gondolas. We discussed in what city they were to be found as well as interesting information on each. 

Each class was placed into groups of three and given a map as well as the pictures of each. They were tasked with choosing 6 of the tourist attractions, writing a sentence about each and then placing them on a poster, clearly indicating in which city each was to be found. But first they had to decide amongst themselves who would be doing what as well as the design and set out of the poster.  

It was very interesting to watch the dynamics in each group as they to tried share out and decide who was doing what. I must say after helping some groups more than others I was very proud of their efforts. It was a really worthwhile activity where the children learnt new skills. Gill and I both agreed it was an activity that would be most beneficial to repeat.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

World cup Tournament

We held our tournament on Friday. Every child from grade 1 to grade 3 was put into mixed teams and was involved in the knock out tournament. It was great fun.
The countries line up.

Italy waiting for their turn to play.

Happy supporters!

Lots of action! The girls got stuck in as well!

The finals were between Croatia and

Denmark. And the winners were....


Blake our shopkeeper

Blake was our shopkeeper last Friday. He was so well organised and had a wide variety of goods on sale. He was so organised and even had a till which he operated like a pro! The children really loved shopping at his store and he was a very efficient shopkeeper! Thank you Blake.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Maths on the beach.

To start the new section of maths, multiplication we set off to the beach. It was a beautiful warm winters day, perfect for some outdoor learning.

Before we started we allowed the children to have some free play. Kwandile had so much fun chasing the girls with a crab skeleton that he found!

The groups...

To start the grouping concept..we played a game where the children had to group themselves according to a number we called out. We then progressed to them making grouping sums with 'sandballs'. This physical manipulation is such a good way of helping the children to understand that multiplication is arranging objects into groups. 


After a short snack break, we played a capacity relay. We got this wonderful idea off the internet and could not wait to try it out with our classes.

Each group was supplied with recycled items.
A sponge, a 200ml and 500ml juice container.
A 1 litre milk carton and a 5l oil container

The first person had to use the sponge to fill the
200ml juice carton.



Once the carton was full, the next child had to use it to full the 500ml bottle. They had to report to us the number used to fill it up. Once we got the correct answer they could move to the filling the next one. The winners were the first group to fill each of their containers correctly.

The children soon realised that they had to be
very accurate, otherwise they could not move on!
waiting to have their 1 litre container filled.

Pour carefully.

Counting how many litres in 5 litres.

To finish our fun filled morning...a quick dip in the sea, no deeper than the knees!