Friday, 29 May 2015

Tea with our mothers.

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There was so much excitement at school today. Our classes couldn't wait to entertain their moms and grans for tea today. We had a surprise for them as well, we had secretly practiced two dances to teach them. 

My class made cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches and Megans, cream scones. 
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At 11 our guests arrived! We started with tea and were then entertained by few 'special guests' and then it was time for the dance!

Cab Driver



Rugby player


Everyone had so much was a lovely way to end off the week. We are so grateful to the wonderful parents who took time out of their busy days to be there. I know your children were delighted.

Orals: Arushi, Bhavan and Onyi

We had our last three orals this week.

 Arushi was first. She arrived in a beautiful Egyptian outfit and we couldn't wait to hear what she had to say.

She interviewed her granny who visited Egypt. By the sounds of things, she really had a wonderful time. The highlight of her trip was a visit to the pyramids of Giza. She also enjoyed riding on a camel but was very afraid that she might fall off. We really enjoyed Arushis oral because it was so full of interesting information. Well done and thank you.

Bhavan was next. He told us all about his granny's visit to Australia. She went to Melbourne and Sydney. She was lucky to see dolphins in the Gold Coast. He said that one of the highlights of her trip was when she stood near a volcano in New Zealand. It was so hot that she could fry and egg! He showed as a Koala that his granny brought for him and brought some lamingtons for us to taste.

Onyi was the last! She interviewed her moms friend. He went to London for three weeks and enjoyed going on the London Eye as well as shopping for clothes.
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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

London Bound

Today after a brief visit 'down under' we flew back to Europe and landed in London! 

Instead of Megan and I doing the introduction we got our children involved. After stamping our passports, we were introduced to the many familiar characters that one would meet in England. 

We are so grateful to our wonderful parents for their ongoing support. We had some intersting characters. We have chosen a few for you to see and hear on Friday.

The royalty

Bakers, fishmongers, shopkeepers

sporting personalities

bus drivers and taxi drivers

fashion designers and band members

soldiers and policemen

This fishmonger even brought
us fish, kept cool on 'ice'!

Friday, 22 May 2015

Boomerangs and dots!

When we planned our activity for today , we didnt bargain on having a power failure. Never the less, we soldiered on and achieved our goal, although it was a little more stressful!!

We had planned to use the grade seven children to help us make an origami boomerang, as the folding was a bit tricky. Fortunately Arushi's mom was at school and lent a helping hand. With help we managed to fold the boomerangs and even got them to fly. I dont have too many photos as I was busy helping those that needed it!

After break we had a look at some aboriginal art, it is very easily recognisable because of the distinctive dot method that they use. Then we all had a go at designing our own.

I must say my class really enjoyed doing this and most of them really turned out nicely.

It was a busy, but productive day!