Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Mrs Maurice pays us a visit

As Mrs Maurice had actually visited Egypt a few years ago. We thought that she would be the perfect person to tell us all about the sights and sounds. 

Thank you Mrs Maurice, the children loved seeing and learning about the places that you visited.

Egyptian fun!

What fun we all had last Friday! Gill and I worked out 5 activities related to what we had learnt form the teach backs in an attempt to reinforce the information in a fun way. 

Activity one:- Building Pyramids out of sweets
and tooth picks. 

The most popular - Activity two,
wrapping mummies!
Some were more enthusiastic
than others!!

We did it!!

Activity 3: Make up! Keshav doing his level best!

Adrian doesn't seem too
upset with the result!!

Any guesses for how Aariv felt?!!

In their element!!
Making and decorating Egyptian collars.


The final activity:-Making flat
roofed houses out of mud bricks
As you can see, we had loads of fun, and hopefully each child will remember some Egyptian facts for a long time to come!

Egyptian Teach-backs

Mikhaeel and Angelo
were tour guides who
told us about the pyramids.
Last week, Gill and I set our classes a very 'grown up' task! We arranged our children into groups of three and gave each group some information on an aspect of ancient Egypt. Each group researched the topic and then had to present it to the rest of the class.

This was rather difficult for them to do, but with a lot of guidance they got the idea and were able to extract the information.

This was a very well organised
group who told us about
farming in Ancient Egypt.

We encouraged them to be as original in their presentations as possible. I must say I was rather impressed by some of the ideas they came up with. 

Both Gill and I felt that a repeat of this exercise would have produced some fantastic work.  Next time they will be far better equipped.

Aariv, Ebrahim and Jaden pretended to be Egyptian
builders and acted out how they built their homes
and why.

Rhea and Zeenath told us why Egyptians
wear make up and fancy clothes.

This group went the extra mile by bringing a book
and Aruna made a poster at home. However, they
got so excited that they deviated a bit from
their original plan!

Monday, 11 November 2013

Egyptian Adventure

After two weeks in the heart of the Amazon Jungle we flew back to Africa and landed in Egypt. The last leg of our world trip.  

The children were briefed, with the aid of a prezi that I had made, on what to expect when they landed.  Especially to be careful of the many vendors that will try and sell and bargain with you at any given place or time! 

Leaving the plane, and having passports stamped
on exit.

Jaden with some 'Egyptian'
coins to spend at the market.
Once we had got off the plane we proceeded to our bus, but oh, no!... Nobody expected us to be mobbed by a bunch of vendors so early on our travels!
The 'grade 4' vendors, trying to sell their wares!

Beautiful jewels..come and buy.
Special price, only for you!

Come on sir, these from us!!

Thank goodness we managed to avoid the pesky vendors, we boarded our bus and head off to get our first glimpse of the pyramids!

Gill and I had prepared pyramid nets for the children to cut out. (An introduction to 3D shapes) And in groups they constructed them and placed them in the desert. 

Carpet rubbing to get the texture
of the stone

Ready to fold
The finished products. The famous Egyptian Pyramids!

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Monkey's Mistake.

This week as part of our jungle experience, we have read the book Monkey's Mistake another by Jill Eggleton. The children have loved it and have read along so enthusiastically each day. Both Gill and I got our children to reorder pictures from the story and then retell it in their books. We were so impressed with what they wrote.

I have posted these videos of a few children reading what they wrote. Enjoy.