Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Tala Game Reserve.

So far in our story about the 'Aardvark Who Wasn't Sure,' Pim has met a baby baboon, elephant, and giraffe as well a newly hatched python and has learnt about termites and termite mounds. He has even had some digging lessons from his mum!

As this week was such a short one, Gill and I thought that it would be wonderful to go to Tala Game reserve to meet some of these animals....and what an amazing time we had!

We couldn't have asked for a better day, it was warm and sunny just perfect for being outdoors and enjoying nature. It was great that so many of my mums came along to spend the day, it made it even more special!

On our arrival the two classes were split up for activities. Whilst Gills class went on a game drive, we stayed at the picnic spot to do an insect trail and snake experience. When they returned we swopped over and went on the game drive.

The children learnt so much, but it was very rewarding for me to see how much my class had remembered from class and how they could impress the facilitators!

The insect trail allowed the children to get up close and look at different insects. The guides then took the children on a wonder around to look for insects. They even showed them out to 'shoot' buck droppings by spitting them as far as they could! The boys' group even found a baby snake!

One of the most exciting activities was the snake experience. The children got to meet and learn about a Night Adder which was venous and they couldn't touch, as well as a Brown House Snake which they could touch. Keshav was even brave enough to hold it!

Everyone got to hold a baby tortoise which was so much fun.

The facilitators had a BIG surprise for us all, and it was just perfect... a python!! Although it was an albino Burmese Python, we had learnt about pythons all last week so it was fantastic that  the children got to see one so close up. 

I must say I was impressed at how brave everyone was. It was such a "lovely' snake to touch and some of the children even gave it a hug! The girls decided that it should be named Sunflower because of its colouring!

Jess was the first to give it a hug!

Well done to Jess' mum who was brave
 enough  to hold "Sunflower'!

She was pretty long!

and rather heavy!

Mikhaeel was a little unsure!

Some more hugs!

After a quick snack it was our turn for the game drive. We had some good sightings and JC our guide told us lots of interesting information about the various animals that we came across.

JC explaining about the animals.

Two mothers with their babies.

This hungry hippo just wanted to stay underwater and eat!

Lazy rhinos, lazing in the sun.

An ostrich having a sand bath.

one of my favourites

checking for the perfect shot!

The last activity that we did, and I cant believe how many children couldn't wait to do this.....was swim. The water was freezing, but never the less both classes had a lot of fun!

So much fun!

Show us those muscles Caleb!

All too soon it was time to head home. What a lovely day we had, learning outdoors is certainly fun!

Grade 2 meets a corn snake.

Last week we read the next chapter in our book called a 'Long Story". Pim meets a baby python who he discovers has to survive on his own.

Mrs Sweet really wanted to get a python to show our grade two classes but sadly she could not arrange it....but, she did bring a baby Corn Snake for us to see.

She told us that it makes a perfect pet as it has no teeth, so there is no need to worry about being bitten by your favourite pet!

Mrs Sweet borrowed the snake from a friend who breeds them so we very lucky to see the eggs from which they hatched. She even allowed us to touch the eggs. They were surprisingly soft.

She also brought the skin that the father corn snake had recently shed. We were able to get a close look at the scales covering it eyes. The children were most fascinated to learn that snakes don't blink.

 As part of her introduction Mrs Sweet had soaked a chickens egg in vinegar to demonstrate how the mother corn snake lays hard eggs to start with, but they eventually turn soft which makes it much easier for baby's to hatch from their eggs.

The highlight was being able to get close to the baby snake and even touch it.
Thanks Mrs Sweet, for getting out of your sick bed to especially come and show us.