Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Grade 2 World Cup Soccer team!

Last Friday, we did a bit of measurement. After measuring and weighing each other we graphed the results. Once everyone got the idea of recording results on a graph, my class really enjoyed the activity. They found it great fun seeing who was the tallest,shortest, heaviest and lightest. 

This activity got Gill and I thinking .... how nice it would be for them to draw around themselves and see practically the tallest and shortest. 

So we thought seeing that it is time for the World Cup Soccer tournament in Brazil..seems like it was here just the other day! We would make 'mini-me' soccer players as part of our display for next term. 

We had great fun..first we traced around each other.

Next we cut our body shapes out...

Today we went to the art room and painted on the soccer kit. 

Once that was dry, everyone drew their favourite/lucky number and their name on the front of their shirt. I took a photo of each child's face, which we stuck on to make their 'people' more identifiable.

I think the results look fantastic! They are proudly on display at the back of the classroom, all ready to embark on our round the world trip to Brazil for the soccer!

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Speech and Drama Festival

Once again Mrs Whillier's Wonderkids were wonderful. We were awarded an A+ for our Choral Verse - "The crocodiles toothache." Thank you Mrs van Elden, for all your hard work in preparing my class.

Jasmita, Kamira, Kwandile and Shaylin all entered individual items and did very well too. Well done!

Permiculture Gardening

Another of our water week activities was to add to our veggie garden. Jo, our eco-warrior mum was on hand to show us how it was done. Each child got to plant a seedling or two in our specially made beds.

The children were very lucky as they also got to take a seedling home.

Water Week Fun

Its been a while since I last posted an update, but I am back! Thanks to all the parents who wondered why everything was so quiet..I am so glad you noticed!

For water week Gill and I decided to focus on water filtration as we had discussed the importance of a healthy environment particularly water whilst we did our mini theme on frogs.

Each child brought a coke bottle to school, which we cut into 2 parts. We explained the process of filtering water using materials such as sand, pebbles and then slightly bigger stones. Then it was their turn to make their own.

Listening to the instructions
Kwandile and Jenna adding the fine sand

Damon with the finished product

Neha showing us the different layers of

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Once we had made our filters we headed to Bot Gardens to find some murky water to filter. Everyone was excited to see if theirs was going to work. As expected some did and others...well, added to the dirty water, rather than cleaned it!

You can easily see which worked the best!

The children had lots of fun while learning a valuable lesson about biodiversity..especially as water supplies diminish.