Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Molecules and more!!

On Monday we discovered why heat rises.

This experiment clearly shows
how the molecules make the balloon
expand. When the bottle was in
the hot water it inflated. When it was in the
 cold water it deflated.

We then took our classes out onto the field to show them this principle once again by flying a Chinese Lantern....what a disaster, it was far too windy. The balloon caught alight! At least we could show them why hot air balloon companies will never fly on windy days!

Today was far more successful. There was so much excitement as the Chinese Lantern flew up high. We tried to be quiet, so not to disturb the other classes, but the shouts of delight could not be contained. We were able to watch the lantern float for ages before the flame went out.




Sound waves

Last week we learnt about the way sound travels via sound waves into our ears. It is rather a complicated process so we learnt the basics.

We started the week by trying to identify various sounds from around the house. Some were really easy, others more tricky. It was such fun!

We saw visable evidence of sound waves when we
loudly bashed a baking tray right next to the rice.
It began to bounce up and down.

Both Megan and I have been teaching our children to write up a few of our class experiments. It has been  challenge for some children, but we are so impressed at how their skills are improving.

Our Friday Experiment.
We made a liquid xylophone to
demonstrate this.

Miss Caddick demonstrates
the different sounds the various
densities make.
Kaydon about to play
twinkle, twinkle little
Jessie playing a tune on the virtual xylophone.

Everyone really had fun with this.

Our last two shpkeepers - Mariam and Reece

The last shopkeeper of the year was well supported and both Mariam and Reece did a good job with giving out change.

The last two experiments - Sam and Liam.

Sam looked very 'nutty professor' when he came to present his oral. He made a substance, and for the life of me I cant remember the name now...that can change from a solid to liquid in a matter of seconds. The class absolutely loved this experiment   and were so fascinated

trying it out

showing how it is done.

We had to go onto the field for Liams oral. He wanted to show what happens when you add Mentos to coke. The results were amazing...a fountain of coke shot out of the bottle, much to the delight of everyone!


Monday, 31 October 2016

Kaydon, Reece and Sudharshans experiments

We are almost at the end of our experiment orals. They really have been fantastic.

Today Kaydon showed us how to make a clock work by using two potatoes as the energy source.


Sudharshan asked the question - which orange will float? Will it be the peeled or whole orange?


Reece also demonstrated the demonstrated the density of liquids by using oil, water and salt.



Diwali Assembly

On Friday we got to see some beautiful outfits as we celebrated the festival of lights - Diwali. Thanks to Aunty Rosh for all her hard work.