Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Tuesdays pupil of the day - Nikhar

Last year Nikhar got a bike for doing so well at school. It had to be changed for another type though because the pedal kept falling off. Keep working hard again this year Nikhar and see what your parents get you! 

He brought the most beautiful suit to school to show us. He wore it at his aunt's wedding when he was the ring bearer. It is a bit small now, but Nikhar says his mom is going to keep it as a memento.

He loves dinosaurs and so really enjoyed riding on a T-Rex at the dinasour exhibition at Sun Coast. He even has a dinosaur x-box game that has a kinesthetic sensor so that he can use his whole body to play it.

A good effort Nikhar thank you.

Monday, 27 February 2017

Pupils of the day - Chivam and Divine

Chivam was so excited to do his oral today. He told us about his family - there are four of them - his parents and younger brother. He brought one of his Hotwheel cars to show us - one of many, including Mustangs, Ferrari's and BMW's. He enjoys playing with them on the hotwheels track. I remember in my youth having something very similar, I really enjoyed making my cars do loops and things too.

Building lego cars is what Chivam like to do. He says he is also an outdoor boy and likes riding his bike and being outdoors and even working in the garden. 

His favourite foods are chips (he brought some to share with us), burgers and curries. He doesn't mind spicy curries either!

Well tried Chivam.

Divine, brought so much to show us. She wasn't a bit shy and spoke in a lovely loud, clear voice.
There are 5 in her family, she showed us a beautiful picture taken of them at Christmas time.

Yesterday, it was her dads birthday - she got a shoppy doll that she has been longing for. It comes with a card that lets you download an app. She brought about 4 toys that included a build a bear, a rabbit a cat and a mermaid - all gifts from her parents.

She also brought a pair of shoes that were brought for her when they were in Cape Town.

Thanks for trying so hard Divine.

Friday, 24 February 2017

Froggy Friday

I am so proud of my class - today we did our first group task. Each group was given information on a specific frog. 

In their groups they had to sort out the information under the following headings:-
Appearance, Habitat, Diet, Young and Interesting facts. Once they had done that, the information was displayed on a poster - they were given the criteria and left to arrange it as they liked.

Lastly they had to do a teachback to the rest of the class. This is still a bit challenging for them, but I am so pleased at their first efforts.

Tashmina caught a frog in her garden and brought it to school for us to look at. Just before we let it go, the brave children held it - it was surprisingly cool to touch.



Kwanda, our pupil of the day, for Thursday

We have another budding Masterchef in our class, Kwanda enjoys baking with his mom. He brought us the most delicious biscuits for us to try.

We couldn't get over what a cute baby Kwanda was - especially with his dreadlocks. He had a whole lot to show us on his i-pad.

He has the cutest cat called Frosty and a dog called Grizz - fortunately they are good friends! He used to have a rabbit, but it kept biting the wires in the house so his mom had to give it away. 

Kwanda has a collection of x-box games that he enjoys playing. He brought some for us to see. He also has a collection of soft toys that he has collected over time.

Thank you for your oral Kwanda - we could see how much you enjoyed telling us about the things that you brought to school.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Tashmina - Wednesdays super pupil of the day.

Tashmina had us all riveted today when she presented her oral. It was very obvious that a great deal of effort had gone into her presentation. She had lots of interesting things to tell us about herself.

We learnt that she loves gardening. She grows both vegetables, herbs and flowers in her garden. Her mom uses some of the fresh herbs for her cooking. Tashmina says that she has quite a few frogs in her garden - that is sign of a healthy garden Tashmina.

Travelling is another thing that she enjoys. She and her family recently went to Dubai where they visited the tallest building in the world - the Burj Kalhifa. They went to the top - 200 floors up. It was very high and her dad got a little frightened!

She loves drawing and playing in her room. That is fantastic that you can occupy yourself so well Tashmina.

We were treated to some delicious crunchies that Tashmina made for us. She enjoys baking very much, the only thing that she is not allowed to do is put things in the oven or on the stove. 

Thank you for your wonderful oral Tashmina - we enjoyed it so much.

Stars of the week - Aayur, Nikhar, Evsey, Dhruv, Sizotha, Caeser, Kwanda

There were some super workers this week - fantastic orals, THRASS aces, creative sentence writers and some who got full marks for their weekly tests. Well done I am super proud of you all!

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

International Leap day (week) for Endangered Frogs

To tie in with this event we are learning about endangered frogs this week. As you should know by now, we have a tiny frog in Kwa Zulu Natal, The Pickersgill Reed frog that is on the critically endangered list.

Mrs van Elden put out a challenge on the the eco blog yesterday, all about frogs. My class took up the challenge and answered questions based on the information on display. So, we will all earn 15 ESP points for our efforts.

Read the blog later in the week to find out what other learning experiences we will engage our classes in


Caeser is Tuesdays pupil of the day

There was so much excitement when Caeser arrived at school with his huge transformer. The boys couldn't wait to hear all about it. Caeser enjoyed showing us how it transforms from a robot to a car. 

We discovered today that Caeser and his family enjoy travelling. He has been to Phuket, "Bong Kong" and locally to San Lameer and Sun City. Caeser says the next  holiday that they are planning is to Hollywood - I wonder if his parents know that yet!

When they were in 'Bong Kong' his dad was too afraid to go on the Ferris Wheel, but he wasn' are brave Caeser! Another place he enjoyed was The Valley of the Waves at Sun City, even though he did get a slight injury there.

Well tried Caeser.

Monday, 20 February 2017

First pupil of the new week - Melo

Melo told us today that her Zulu name Melokuhle, means beautiful gift, her mother must have really loved her when she was born to give her such a beautiful name. She showed us a picture of when she was a baby - and does look pretty special!

She showed us pictures of her family and told us how they all like to get together at Christmas time. They looked like such a happy bunch.

Melo has a special doll that she got from her gran for Christmas. She called her Thando which means love.

Thank you for your effort Melo.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Aayur - a fabulous end to this weeks orals.

Aayur really did a fantastic job with his oral today. He had so much to tell us because he was so well prepared. A few of things we learnt about him were....

He is an animal lover - he has held a falcon and a huge big snake before, and wasn't a bit scared. That's because he says, that he is a very brave boy. He has been to the animal farm and the Lion park as well. He has a dog called Marshmallow. We all had a good laugh when we found out why - Aayur says that when he thought that his Dad was asking him what he would like to call his dog he thought he said - What would you like to eat!

Aayur enjoys colouring in and painting and brought a beautiful picture that he had painted, to show us.

He enjoys soccer and cricket and once met the Indian cricketer, Harbhajan Singh - he even has the photo to prove it. He is very proud of his Messi soccer kit and boots and just had to change into it after his oral

Thank you for all your effort Aayur, well done!

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Team building at Durban Girls college

Despite the scorching heat we had a lot of fun this morning. We joined Clifton, Marist Brothers and DGC for fun team building activities.

We kept the children well hydrated so they did complain about being too hot. However, it was so nice to return to our cool air conditioned classroom.

Enjoy the photos.