Thursday, 31 July 2014

What's Termites?

In the first chapter of the book, Pim learns about termites as he goes out into the big world with his mother for the first time. He cant believe that aardvarks eat termites, he much prefers his mother milk. Mrs Aardvark assures Pim that he will one day, enjoy termites.

Josh and Neha, started the week off by telling us about termites when they did their orals. The children were fascinated and enjoyed learning about them. 

We are using this book to introduce our classes to nouns, adjectives and verbs. This week we began by learning about what nouns were, and identifying the many nouns in the first chapter. 

We also aim to improve reading fluency and expression by reading a summarized version of each chapter each day in class using a Prezi and a reading sheet for homework. Both Gill and I are so impressed at how wonderfully everyone has been reading this week. 

Tomorrow we have a fun activity planned, and Kwandile ends the week with his termite this space!

Jenna is shopkeeper

Last week it was Jennas turn to be our shopkeeper. 

She had some lovely things for sale and really gave her best effort as she sold her wares!

Our New Theme - The Aardvark Who Wasn't Sure

The third term is well on its way, it almost feels like we didn't have any holidays! 

This term we are basing our theme on the book 'The Aardvark who wasn't 
sure" by Jill Tomlinson. It is the story of Pim the baby Aardvark and his adventures as he learns about what being and aardvark entails.

Before we began reading the book we started by learning a bit about Aardvarks. 

Both Blake and Asimbonge presented wonderful orals to the class where they told us some interesting Aardvark facts.

Last Friday, we used the information that we had learnt through these orals as well as classroom discussion to create tabbed booklets. Each child created their own. I am really pleased with the way they turned out. All the booklets are on display in the classroom, do pop in and have a look.