Saturday, 19 September 2015

Sleepover fun.

If the the grade two's had organised an evening function every week this year we would never had experienced the drought like we have! Not surprisingly, we were once again welcomed by a rainy day on Thursday, but like true pirates we soldiered on. Megan and I had a number of fun activities planned.

After everyone had arrived and we had said goodbye to a number of anxious parents we all headed down to the small hall.

The children were organised into seven small groups. To start each group had to make up a war cry to introduce themselves and then like all good pirates they had a swig of some grog as the water was just too slimy after being stored for so long!

Next it was time to light the fires before preparing the pirate grub. I must say we had excellent fire making pirates, it took them no time at all!

Whilst we waited for the fires to be ready, each group had to - design a poster for their group....

...cut and prepare the ingredients for their meals - burgoo, salamugundy,sea pie and scotch coffee. Basically a concoction of either fish, meat, onions, potatoes mixed with some hard tack(biscuits we had made earlier in the week from flour and water) or porridge. 

Each child also got to make a pirate face - from biscuits, icing and sweets.

Finally it was time to place the food on the fires. We all got to eat some tasty pizzas whilst we waited for it cook.

It did not take long..... It was time for the taste test - we were very surprised at how many were brave enough to have a go, and even more surprised at how much they enjoyed it!

After all the excitement it was time to clear up and get ready for bed. To settle everyone, we showed them a pirate movie before 'battening down the hatches' for the night!

Eventually, everyone fell off to sleep! All too soon it was time to wake up, ready to head home for the holidays!! Hip, hip hooray!

But not before a lovely cup of hot chocolate!

Have a happy holiday everyone. See you on the 7th.