Monday, 22 September 2014

Outing to Tala Game Reserve.

Pim the aardvark has met a number of animals in his journey to become a proper aadvark. We decided that it was time to go and meet some of the animals as well. Tala was the perfect venue. 

First it was a game drive, we were lucky to have some parents join us as well.

We saw the giraffe from the chapter "A tall story"
Mommy giraffe and..

her baby.

Warthogs from the "rotten digger" chapter!

We also got to meet a few other animals as well..Zebra, a few species of buck, wildebeest, rhino,hippos, ostriches and even a terrapin.
This lucky rhino survived a poaching attack.
But lost her horn.

JC explaining about the various
kinds of dung. Zebara dung always
has a line down the middle.

We had some really good sightings. After driving around the reserve it was time to return for a picnic snack.

Soon it was time to meet the snakes from the "long story". There was so much excitement.

At first Dighace was so nervous!

Jenna, was not so sure either!

I think that Damon had the best time!

Even some of the parents were brave enough to hold the snake!

It was difficult to get everyone away from the snakes, but we managed. Next..learning about insects and then an insect hunt.

Finally it was time for free time and  a dip in the pool.

The water was freezing!

We really had a wonderful day together.