Monday, 27 February 2012

Our fruit salad was delicious

Some parents were concerned when we asked for sharp knives to make fruit salad. But there were no injuries and children were able to successfully cut their fruit into halves, quarters, eighths and even sixteenths! Who knew that making healthy food was such fun.

Baking bread and making fruit salad.

We really had fun on Friday when we put our classes into groups to make bread and fruit salad. Each member of the group was responsible for bringing the necessary ingredients. Each group was given a different bread recipe, it was fun discovering about the various cup measures, teaspoons and tablespoons as well as weights of the dry ingredients needed for baking bread. Group dynamics were tested and eventually the bread came out of the oven. The children were so excited to taste their own baking. There is nothing better than fresh, hot bread!

Brady enjoys some fresh bread.

Bread fresh from the breadmaker - delicious!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Certificate winners

Congratulations Rivan and Yavna our certificate winners for the week. Rivan earned his certificate for the pleasing way in which he contributed to the group poster task, and Yavna improved her spelling results. Well done children we all proud of you!

Making posters of our outing.

On Friday the day after our outing to the Botanical Gardens, each group was responsible for assimilating the information that they had gathered to display on a poster. As this was their first experience of working together as a group, I was most impressed with their efforts.                             

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Hands up those who had fun!

Picnic time!

The children thoroughly enjoyed their picnic after a busy morning in the hot sun. They did not want to return to school!
We deserve something to drink now!

A 'queen' eating an 'egg'!

Lusanda making short work of his 'ice' treat!

Reflecting on the morning so far.
Pravar, Ravi and Lusanda enjoying their snack in the shade.

We had fun with our activities.

Our teachers took the words like 'duck, gate, water, fish, bell, hand and watch' from the Thrass chart and designed a variety of activities for us to do.

Meeting the Moms.

Mrs Naidoo with her group

Mrs. Gering with the three queens and a chef!

Mrs. Chetty is sure her group of boys will be on their best

Mrs. Chunder with her three girls.

We were so grateful to the four moms who were able to spare some time from their busy schedules to help us with our activities. Each group was armed with a set of instructions and set off on their adventure.

Thrass dress up

Everybody came dressed as Thrass characters today. There were chefs, queens, school boys and a king. We were excited because not only we we dressing up but we were off to the Botanical Gardens for a fun filled morning of activities.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Our people completed.

Don't they look great?

Valentine fun!

Time to spread the love because it is Valentines day! 

The whole school came dressed in red and white today. It was great seeing everyone in their bright happy colours! 
Don't we look so cute!

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Team Eden completes the Midmar Mile.

On Saturday 11 February a team of swimmers from Eden, which included the two fabulous grade 2 teachers, completed the Midmar mile. Although it was overcast and cool, the brave swimmers took to the water and everybody completed the race. Well done swimmers!

Water fun.

As water is one of the words we have been learning from the THRASS chart this week, we decided to learn about the three phases of water, liquid, solid and gas. We began our day by doing "ice art". Coloured water had changed into a solid, ice, we watched as it returned to liquid on our paper, and although we could not see it changing into gas we knew it had, all that was left on our page after and hour in the hot son, was a beautiful mix of colours! We than made jelly where once again we saw water in all three stages, not only that, we also learnt about measuring in cups. It was great fun making jelly in groups because we helped each other and then got to enjoy what we had made at the end of the day!

Maria our final pupil of the day


Maria was well prepared for her oral and brought lots of things to share with us. We learnt that she shares her birthday with a very special man - Nelson Mandela. Maria lists prawns spaghetti, cake and strawberries as some of her favourite foods. She brought her other favourites; chocolates and popcorn to share with the delighted class. Maria and her family like to spend time together at the beach and at the Botanical Gardens. Maria brought a horse to show us, as she says she loves riding horses.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Ravi is the penultimate pupil of the day.

We enjoyed listening to Ravi's well prepared oral today. He told us lots of interesting facts about himself and his family. His favourite foods are curry and chocolates. He has a very sensible mother as he is only allowed to have coke on the weekends, and he has to eat a healthy cereal like pronutro every week day morning. As a family they like to watch movies and travel. Their last trip was to India, where Ravi had a snake charmers cobra around his neck! You are a brave boy Ravi!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Aruhi is pupil of the day.

Aruhi, presented a well prepared and interesting oral today. She told us that both her parents are doctors and she has a sister that likes to dance, they live in a beautiful house that overlooks the harbour. the view is particularly lovely at night when, all the harbour lights are on show. You could see by her beautiful poster that Aruhi likes to do art activities in her spare time. She used to have a rabbit but it died, in its place her dad brought her one from overseas. She brought it to show us and it delighted all the children with its tricks and noises! Everybody was delighted that she likes chocolate because she brought some chocolate coins to share with us all.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Design and Technology - making people

Aphiwe starts to trace around the templates

Lusanda making hand prints.

Ravi making his mark.


Rivan deep in thought.

The grade two's had lots of fun on Friday designing and making real life models of themselves, using paper, material, glue, buttons as well as hand and foot prints.   Watch this space for the finished products

Serini making foot prints
Maria in action

Yavana, isn't that supposed to be on your model?

Megan hard at work.

Aphiwe starts adding her fabric.

Designers at work
Aruhi is definitely a young designer in the making.