Friday, 13 September 2013

Pirate conversations

We were so inspired by Senthens oral, that Gill and I thought that it would be wonderful to get our classes to write their own pirate conversations. 

The children chose a partner, each pair wrote their conversation, practiced it and presented it to the class. I was so delighted by the results. Take a look!

I will upload the others shortly, some children were this space!

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Grandparents visit

It was an early start for many grandparents today as they made their way to school to visit their grandchildren. The overseas tour group started the morning off by showcasing their production that will be shown to English schools very shortly. 

The grandparents then joined us all in the classroom. Senthen made us all proud today when he did his oral for both grade twos and their grandparents. Well done Senthen you were very brave!
taking on the parrot character

Now he is a pirate!

All pirates need to know how to tie knots, so with the help of the grandparents, we learnt how to tie a Bowline Knot. 

All too soon it was time to say goodbye. Thanks for coming grandparents we enjoyed your visit with us.

Monday, 2 September 2013

Sailing the seven seas!

Today we pirates once again set sail for a ride around the harbour and then a tour of the maritime museum.
It was a stunning day and we all had a wonderful time.

We boarded the Jolly Roger, and put on our life jackets!

After our cruise, we boarded the two tugs at the Maritime museum. The pirates really commandeered the boats and had loads of fun!

We also had opportunity to visit the museum and see a real cannon!! So much excitement!

How big are these propellers?

Once again our grade twos had the wonderful opportunity to learn first hand. We returned to school happy and exhausted.

Pirate outing to "Paradise Island"

What better way to learn about pirate food is to actually make some. Gill and I thought that our classes would be totally put off by the food that no-one would venture a taste, let alone eat it enthusiastically - well how wrong we were!!

The Eden "voyage" left school bright and early on Friday 30 August. Each pirate group was armed with their ingredients as well as fire making supplies. We were all so excited!

To celebrate our safe arrival we did what all good pirates do....downed some grog!! (ginger BEER and non alcoholic champagne) What a start!

Then it was time to make our fire - our pirates turned out to be fantastic fire makers, especially considering the some had never done anything like this before.

Next step was to make the food - Sillygolee, Burgoo, Salamagundy. Oats with onions and bully beef, sardines and potatoes and onions, boiled oats with sugar were some of the ingredients.

They had so much fun! Finally the proof of the pudding was in the eating. Well it couldn't have been too bad...the photos speak for themselves!!

We ended the morning with a treasure hunt where each group created clues using compass directions and another group had to find where the treasure was located.

It was a wonderful day, and judging by the comments we had on our return, it was very successful.