Sunday, 22 April 2012

Dressing up!

This term we will be learning about countries of the world as a lead up to the Olympic games.

The first country we are visiting is India. My class designed beautiful outfits for "themselves" which we will put on display.

As you can see by of the outfits, we have some future designers in our midst!

Gardeners at work - planting veggies in our veggie garden

On Friday the grade 2's went down to the school vegetable garden to plant seedlings. One of our grade 0 moms, who is is very knowledgeable was on hand to help the children as well as Mrs van Elden.

She explained to the children the importance of planting compatible plants together to help with the combating of pests. She showed them how to mulch the seedlings to help them stay moist.

Great fun was had and we cant wait to reap what we have sown.