Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Fun on the beach!

The grade two's had lots of fun at their end of year party. We decided to have it on the beach, where we could enjoy the beautiful summer weather. Sadly there were just so many blue bottles that swimming was out of the question. However, we made the most of our time, building sandcastles and popping bluebottles!! We did however manage to have a swim in the pool when we got back to school and wash off all the salty sea air. It was a great way to end our year. 
Fun in the sun with our teachers!

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Reflections - week 4

By adding this post I have completed all the requirements for the course. Once the mad rush of the year has ended I plan to add on and tweak my blog so that it is up and running for day one of 2012! I have loved doing this course and am so glad that I can now create a blog!

Grade 2 parents tea.

What a successful tea we had with our parents on Friday 2 December. We put together a showcase of snippets from our year. Both Gill and I were so proud of our children, and their parents were even prouder. We had such positive feedback from those who attended, it was so worth the time and effort that we put into the morning. We ended with tea and muffins that our two classes had made the previous day,  the children were so proud of themselves.