Wednesday, 8 October 2014

In the aardvarks 'burrow'

We just had to do it....have a sleep over in our very own burrow. 

We have all loved the story about Pim and his adventures, so Gill and I decided that it was only fitting to have some nocturnal activities of our own. 

What a beautiful evening it was, lovely and warm with a bright full moon to help us see our way! All the grade 2 children arrived at school by 5.30, so excited to see what we had in store for them. After leaving all their bedding in the 'burrow' they headed down to the field for the first activity.

We began my making "snake" bread on a stick that the children had really enjoyed doing previously

Then it was up to the hall...we had a number of activities planned based on the theme of each chapter.
Listening to the instructions before we start

Porcupine quills - Lighting sparklers

Marching the elephant march outside using torches.
Pin the tongue on the aardvark!

Feed the monkey a banana!

Some scary cheetahs!

Crawling through the Pims tunnel
who could go the furthest?

Getting some cheetah spots

'Termite' drive

 Thanks to some of our willing parents for your help..we couldn't have managed without you.

After the activities we went back down to the field to warm up the viennas for the hotdogs, followed by toasted marshmallows.

It was difficult to get the children back up to the burrow because they were having so much fun with their torches! 

Getting everyone settled for the night took a while, but soon exhaustion from a fun filled evening took its toll and all the little aardvarks drifted off into dreamland!

Six o'clock came all to soon, but getting up so early was worth it...a lovely cup of hot chocolate was waiting, before it was time to tidy up and go home bright and early for the holidays!

Jasmita brought marshmallows to go
with the hot chocolate.