Monday, 27 February 2017

Pupils of the day - Chivam and Divine

Chivam was so excited to do his oral today. He told us about his family - there are four of them - his parents and younger brother. He brought one of his Hotwheel cars to show us - one of many, including Mustangs, Ferrari's and BMW's. He enjoys playing with them on the hotwheels track. I remember in my youth having something very similar, I really enjoyed making my cars do loops and things too.

Building lego cars is what Chivam like to do. He says he is also an outdoor boy and likes riding his bike and being outdoors and even working in the garden. 

His favourite foods are chips (he brought some to share with us), burgers and curries. He doesn't mind spicy curries either!

Well tried Chivam.

Divine, brought so much to show us. She wasn't a bit shy and spoke in a lovely loud, clear voice.
There are 5 in her family, she showed us a beautiful picture taken of them at Christmas time.

Yesterday, it was her dads birthday - she got a shoppy doll that she has been longing for. It comes with a card that lets you download an app. She brought about 4 toys that included a build a bear, a rabbit a cat and a mermaid - all gifts from her parents.

She also brought a pair of shoes that were brought for her when they were in Cape Town.

Thanks for trying so hard Divine.

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