Friday 26 October 2012

Firework poems

In the first chapter of "The owl who was afraid of the Dark" the little boy told Plop that dark is exciting especially when there are fireworks!

So yesterday both grade 2 classes joined together to create some firework poems. We started by watching clips of fireworks and then we listened to sounds they make as they explode. Both Gill and I were so impressed with the lovely ideas that they came up with.

Once we had written down a whole lot of ideas, we went into a darkened room to light sparklers. The children had so much fun! 

We mixed our classes into groups of two and three. Each group wrote poems, we were delighted with the results.


  1. Amazing work, grade 2! And a clever Mrs Whillier too!

  2. Fantastic poems. I googled and found your blog. I will be sharing these with my year 2 class in New Zealand. Mrs Crawford Lawrence Area School.