Fun in the dark with Grade 2

We are so excited to be at school!
Waiting for everyone to arrive.

As we are reading the book "The Owl who was afraid of the dark"as part of our theme this term, our teachers decided that it would be wonderful to come back to school in the evening and have some fun
Best friends! 
in the dark. We arrived at school at half  past five and met in the teachers car park, we were dying to know what was in store for us.

Michael and Atish listen to the story.
Simarin listens intently!

We gathered around and heard the story of Guy Fawks from Mr. Foster. The best part of the story was chanting "Remember, remember the fifth of November!" After the story we got to make a guy which we were to burn later on our bonfire.
Listening to the story of Guy Fawks.
Remember, remember the fifth on November!
Reading clues for the treasure hunt.
Stuffing our guy!

By now it was beginning to get dark, we could not wait to use our torches!
We were put into groups
Vuyo and Tristen are delighted
 to be able to use their torches!
and given a set of clues and sent off on a treasure hunt. It was great fun running around the school when nobody else was there!

By the time the treasure hunt was over it was really dark! We gathered around to light some sparklers and have our picnic supper and wait for the guy to be lit. It burnt so quickly, we couldn't believe it! Everyone had great fun shining their torches and making scary faces.

The guy is set alight.
Sparkler fun!

Guy up in flames - it burnt so
Our fireworks display!
Watching the guy being set alight,
 whist we had  our picnic supper.

Tristen was kind enough to bring a box of fireworks, so we ended the evening with a firework display.

Mrs Whillier and Mrs.Rayner
having fun with some sparklers.

Before we knew it - our time was up, we could have stayed a whole lot longer. We all agreed that we had the best time ever!